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7th grade football

The seventh graders remained undefeated after picking up a 22-16 win over Knoxville this week.

Knoxville started the scoring with a five-yard touchdown pass in the first quarter to take an 8-0 lead. There wasn’t much scoring in the first half but Landon McGrann’s 23-yard touchdown run would get the Big Reds within two at the half.

After a big defensive stop to start the third quarter, McGrann would hit Isaac Messmaker deep for a 63-yard touchdown pass to take a 14-8 lead.

Knoxville would retake the lead in the fourth quarter on a 20-yard touchdown pass to go-ahead 16-14.

Then with 3:51 left, McGrann once again found Messmaker deep for a 52-yard touchdown to take a 22-16 lead. Centerville was then able to make two great stands to close out the win.

Centerville (3-0) look to stay undefeated next Thursday at 5:45 p.m. when they host Chariton.

The second seventh grade game saw Centerville defeat Knoxville 14-8. Clayton McDonald (interception) and Zayden Seddon (fumble) forced turnovers for the Big Reds while Phoenix Drake and Cole Steele had touchdown runs.

8th grade football

The eighth graders were able to come back to tie Knoxville 28-28 as they now have one win, one loss and one tie in three games played this season.

“I was really proud of how we never gave up and kept fighting until the very end. At this level it is impressive to have a team rally back after being down by 14 points,” Centerville head coach Brad Warren said.

Centerville would do just that with a pair of special teams touchdowns helping them get back in the game. First, Sylar Esaias would take the Knoxville kickoff 74 yards for a touchdown. A little over two minutes later, Connor Stephens returned a Panther punt 82 yards for a touchdown to cut the deficit to 14-12 at the half.

Knoxville was able to extend their lead to 22-12 in the third quarter before Kyler Sparks was able to make it a one-score game again with an eight-yard touchdown run to make it 22-20 after three quarters.

“Offensively, we were able to move the ball but made some crucial mistakes that kept us out of the end zone,” Warren said. “We have been really good this year of getting two-point conversions this year and tonight we missed a couple that came back to haunt us. We had our chances in the fourth to get the win, but you have to give credit to Knoxville, they made some big plays when they had to.”

The back and forth continued in the fourth quarter with another Knoxville touchdown putting them up by eight. But it was the stops earlier in the quarter that would give the Big Reds a chance.

Centerville (1-1-1) hosts Chariton next Thursday at 4:15 p.m.

Centerville lost the second game 14-8. Ayden Beeson scored a one-yard touchdown for the Big Reds.

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