Michael Osacky

Sports memorabilia appraiser Michael Osacky shows off some his collection. Osacky will be in Centerville on Monday.

Michael Osacky is living his dream. As an appraiser, he gets to travel to nation figuring out the authenticity and the worth of classic sports cards. His next stop finds himself in Centerville, Iowa.

“I have an appraisal with a family with cards from the 1950’s and 60’s. The family is a non-collector family but they know there is some value but they are unsure what the value is. Is it a hundred bucks, is it a thousand bucks, I’m going to go in there and find out,” Osacky said.

Osacky’s love for baseball cards started when he was a teenager in 1997 when his grandfather got him a shoebox full of old baseball cards. As time went on, people would continue to always ask him how valuable something is or whether something was fake or real. Fast forward 10 years later and Osacky started his own company known as Baseball in the Attic.

He now travels the United States spending an average of 125 days a year on the road wondering where he will end up and what he will see next. His expertise has also taken him to places he didn’t think he’d end up at.

“The majority of the travel is east of the Mississippi River. Last summer I was in Hong Kong meeting with some investors. These men are fully invested in hotels, restaurants and stocks but they are asking if there is money to be made if they invest in sports. California and Washington have also been far trips for me,” Osacky said.

Osacky’s expertise include writing for Parade Magazine, kovels.com, American Legion Magazine, Kiplingers and several other national publications. Last year, the Chicago native was named “The Dean of Cracker Jack Baseball Cards” by Forbes Magazine.

Although Cracker Jack baseball cards are his favorite designs, he holds another item near and dear to him.

“My favorite player growing up was Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears, who died about 20 years ago in 1999. He was the first professional athlete I ever met and he signed some footballs for me that I still have and will never sell,” Osacky said.

Osacky will be in Centerville on Monday, Nov. 12. He is offering a free verbal appraisal to anyone who wants to have him look at sports items made between 1870-1970. He said it doesn’t have to be just cards, it can also be autographs, ticket stubs or pieces of advertising.

Anyone with a piece of sports memorabilia to be appraised can contact Osacky to reserve a time with him. He can be reached via email at info@BaseballintheAttic.com or by phone at 312-379-9090.

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