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The Daily Iowegian is the longest running form of media that serves Appanoose County. The Daily Iowegian publishes four days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday). We also publish our total market product, the Ad-Express, each Wednesday.

The Daily Iowegian features a circulation of roughly 1,500 loyal readers. Our total market product is delivered free to every home in Appanoose County, as well as many areas outside of the county, each Wednesday.

Our website features the opportunity to reach an average of 30,000 users a month with over 150,000 pages each month.

To find out how your business can benefit from advertising through our multi-media array of products, use one of the contacts provided below to find out how newspaper advertising can transform your business today! We feature opportunities for all budgets.

Becky Maxwell

Publisher/Ad Director
(641) 856-6336

Sheila Selix

Classifieds Representative
(641) 856-6336

Tina Long

Marketing Consultant
(641) 856-6336

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