Everyone deserves to live a long and healthy life. To make that possible, we need to address the causes of poor health and disease risk among individuals and within our communities. Where we live, learn, work and play affects each of us and can determine our health and life expectancy. Working together, we can build healthier communities and eventually, the healthiest nation.

National Public Health Week was April 1-7, 2019. During each day of National Public Health Week, we focused on a particular public health topic. Appanoose County Public Health participated in this each day by posting an article on their Facebook page. The daily themes were:

• Monday - Health Communities

• Tuesday - Violence Prevention

• Wednesday - Rural Health

• Thursday - Technology and Public Health

• Friday – Climate Change

• Saturday and Sunday – Global Health

Improving our health means ensuring conditions where everyone has the opportunity to be healthy. Here are some of the key Public Health focus points but we all have a role to play:

• Build a nation of safe, healthy communities. Health must be a priority in designing our communities, from healthy housing to parks and playgrounds. Support farmers markets and local businesses that value health.

• Help all young people graduate from high school. Education is the leading indicator of good health, giving people access to better jobs, incomes and neighborhoods.

• Increase economic mobility. Poverty and poor health go hand-in-hand. Support policies than ensure a living wage and remove barriers that make it harder to advance to higher incomes.

• Achieve social justice and health equity. Fight against the trend of growing voter restrictions. Everyone needs a voice in improving our communities.

• Give everyone a choice of safe, healthy food. Our food system should provide affordable food with nutritious ingredients, free from harmful contaminants.

• Prepare for the health effects of climate change. Support policies that protect the air we breathe, both indoors and outdoors, and the clean water we drink

• Make the healthy choice the easy choice. Avoid using tobacco, alcohol and other drugs. Eat healthy foods and exercise.

• Provide quality health care for everyone, including access to preventative screenings and effective treatments to people with debilitating diseases.

• Strengthen public health infrastructure and capacity. Support higher budgets for key public health agencies like CDC and HRSA. These agencies strengthen the public health workforce and are a major source of funding for state and local health department programs.

• Improve access to affordable dental care for all ages including the young through our I-Smile program.

• Safe, clean, and accessible drinking water for everyone.

Help us make our community, state and nation as healthy and safe as possible for people of all ages. If you have questions about programs or want to get involved please call Appanoose County Public Health at (641) 437-4332.

Appanoose County Public Health strives to prevent disease, injury and disability as well as promote physical and mental health to the citizens of Appanoose County. We protect and improve the health and wellness of individuals, families, and our community, through education, intervention, and prevention.


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