Two weeks after the Appanoose County Board of Supervisors voted to terminate their comprehensive plan agreement, the executing end of that agreement spoke to the board.

After a local petition was presented, the board of supervisors voted 3-0 to terminate their contract with Chariton Valley Planning and Development for the county's comprehensive plan update.

Nichole Moore, the entity's executive director, was not at the meeting and was out of town. She spoke Monday at the supervisors meeting, and insisted the process is unbiased.

Those who brought the signatures earlier this month told supervisors they felt Chariton Valley Planning and Development could not provide an unbiased plan, due to their involvement with the city of Centerville's plan.

Moore questioned why the supervisors didn't give her the opportunity to address the concerns before moving forward with their decision to terminate.

"I was shocked and I am sad to hear that you feel that I am not able to complete my job as executive director, to complete a contract that CVPD was approved to complete," she said. "You felt that CVPD or myself was very involved in the city of Centerville plan development: You are right. That is my job, to get the information."

Moore said Chariton Valley uses the process to collect data and input from citizens and the entities that hire them to draft the plan.

The biggest sticking point has been the city of Centerville's decision to implement extra-territorial zoning, which was mentioned in the comprehensive plan. It was ultimately approved by the city's planning and zoning board and the Centerville City Council despite the opposition of those living in the area.

"At no time did I ever make decisions on any zoning or comprehensive information that went to the council," Moore said.

In the contract, it states both parties must agree in writing to terminate an agreement. Moore said she would take the county's termination letter to her board and follow up with their decision.

"Terminating a contract that has already been set in my budget, and I have turned other numerous jobs because of the time involved with your comprehensive plan, has now caused my concerns," Moore said. "We have for years been able to assist the county's needs, obtain information that is helpful for others, and I hope that future board of supervisors see the need in the comprehensive plan and we can work together in doing so."

Supervisor Linda Demry, following Moore's statement, said the contract termination was nothing personal.

"Yes, it is. It is," Moore replied.

"I hate that you take it personally," Demry said.

In other news:

— Furever Friends received a commitment of $5,000 in funding for next fiscal year, with an additional $5,000 pledged once work begins. This makes good on the county's previous offer of $10,000. The organization is attempting to begin an animal shelter for Appanoose County.

— County engineer Brad Skinner reported that damage from the June 5 rain was minor and not likely be eligible for reimbursement from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Pipe installation and erosion repair work are still underway. The county is meeting with RAGBRAI officials this week, but roads are in good condition and won't need much additional maintenance for the annual bike ride that visits Centerville July 24.

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Kyle Ocker is the editor of the Daily Iowegian. Prior to becoming editor, Ocker was a correspondent, sports editor and associate editor at the Daily Iowegian, and was the managing editor of the Knoxville Journal-Express.