The county approved the low-bidder for a major crack sealing project on county highways.

The Appanoose County Board of Supervisors voted 3-0 to accept the bid of Wisconsin-based Fahrner Asphalt Sealers, LLC. It was the low-bid of three bids received for the project.

The total cost is set for $297,481.16. The contractor will be crack-sealing on Highway S70, Highway J5T and 243rd Avenue south of Moravia.

The project is part of a major pavement rehabilitation through farm-to-market funds.

County engineer Brad Skinner said work is expected to begin in early 2020.

Supervisors also approved a bid for a rebuild estimate for one of the county’s road graders. The total cost is estimated at $157,947 and the rebuild would be done by Ziegler in Des Moines.

The rebuild carries a three-year, 5,000-hour warranty.

Skinner stated he had budgeted for the purchase a new machine this fiscal year, but instead would like to rebuild two of the county’s graders. This will be the first, followed by another in 2020. Rebuilding two graders would be roughly the same cost as one new grader.

In other news:

— Skinner reported that he and property owner Rodney Miskimins came to a verbal agreement on how to alleviate concerns brought up during public comments of the Oct. 21 meeting. Skinner said a permit has been issued for contractor Ted Clark to remove a portion of the roadside gravel and replace with dirt.

— A resolution supporting a federal holiday for Native Americans was passed 2-1, with Supervisor Chairman Mark Waits voting no. Merle Whiteside had asked the supervisors during their Oct. 21 meeting to consider supporting the initiative.

— The county again tabled bids on a new courthouse fire system. There was a discussion about the need to get a comparable bid since a wired fire system seems more appropriate for the limestone courthouse.

— Supervisors delayed action on reclassifying a portion of 140th Ave. from a level B to level C. Karl Fenton, an adjacent landowner, originally signed the petition as a supporter but now opposes the change after further research. He stated he plans to build on the land he owns within five years and would want to upgrade the road to a level A at that time.

— A portion of 420th Street will be upgraded to a level A road. The upgrade cost will be paid by Shawn Blanchard, who requested it, and covers about a 65-foot section of the road.

— A request to reclassify a section of 550th St. from a level A to a level C so it could be gated was also tabled. One property owner, James Sutter, did not sign the petition. At the meeting, a representative of his provided updated contact information. He stated Sutter was opposed to the reclassification, but wanted to work with landowners over concerns about heavy traffic causing damage to the road.

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