The exterior of the new Lakeview Elementary School wing that is nearly completed. School officials on Monday will outline a draft master facilities plan that will lay out future major construction projects in the district.

A public meeting will be held Monday as the Centerville Community School District will intend to present the draft of an updated master facilities plan.

The meeting will begin at 5 p.m. and last about two hours on Monday, Jan. 20. The meeting will be held at the newly renovated Lakeview Elementary School in the cafeteria.

Rachelle Hines, from the Des Moines architect firm of Frevert, Ramsey and Kobes, will outline the draft plan in a presentation for the community.

“I want to reinforce the word draft, because this is not by any means a done deal,” superintendent Tom Rubel said.

Those in attendance will be able to ask questions, provide feedback and make comments related to the plan during the meeting, either written or verbal. Rubel said there will also be an online survey for the community to provide comments in the days following the presentation.

Much of the plan is a continuation of the plan passed in 2014, but highlights new areas and re-prioritizes items that haven’t been addressed by the district yet.

“The district didn’t re-invent the wheel,” Rubel said. “We have invited quite a number of people to come in, but we’re also inviting our community to come in. It is a public meeting and the intent is for them to hear about the draft of the master facility plan.”

There will also be brief presentations relating to finances available to the district to accomplish the items that will ultimately make the final version of the master facilities plan. Additionally, Rubel said staff will present to the community how educational spaces have changed from 100 years ago to today.

Rubel said, financially, the district won’t be able to accomplish everything outlined in the plan, making prioritization important.

“I don’t think we’re even going to have close to enough money probably to do everything that we want to do,” Rubel said. “So it will be a matter of prioritizing what we think is in the best interest of the future of Centerville Schools and the education of our kids.”

The renovation and addition project at Lakeview Elementary Schools is in its final stages, and community members will be able to tour the facility either before or after Monday’s meeting. Superintendent Tom Rubel said staff will be on hand beginning at approximately 4:15 p.m. to facilitate tours before the meeting.

What’s in the draft plan?

The master facility plan draft includes projects at nearly all of the district’s buildings. District leaders will hear from the community before prioritizing them and have said upfront that not all projects will be completed due to financial restrictions. There are security recommendations included for all buildings, as well as aesthetic updates and construction to bring buildings up to current code.

The most significant project in the plan is at the Centerville High School campus. The draft plan suggests demolishing the original portion of the high school (which was built in 1917) and building new classrooms that make use of the auditorium, science center and vocational classrooms.

General improvements are suggested for Howar Middle School, bringing the building up to code and updating aesthetics. Also, upgrades to building controls, lighting and air conditioning are listed in the draft.

There are several upgrades slated for the Centerville Preschool Building, which was formerly Lincoln Elementary School. Updates would modernize the structure and make it more fitting for a preschool.

Additionally, upgrades to the Lakeview athletics complex, namely the football/soccer field and track area. Items on the wishlist include a new synthetic turf field, a new eight-lane track and some excavating projects to allow for the larger track and an entry slope that’s compliant with American Disabilities Act standards.

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