J46 rock

Rock placed in a roadside ditch along Highway J46 in the 21000 block was the subject of considerable discussion during public comments Monday.

A rocked ditch along Highway J46 was the topic of discussion with the Appanoose County Board of Supervisors during public comments Monday.

Contractor Ted Clark and property owner Rodney Miskimins questioned a letter they received from County Engineer Brad Skinner stating they had two weeks to remove rock placed along a roadside ditch.

Clark and Miskimins both stated the rock enhanced appearances along the stretch, and that less than a mile away there were more pressing concerns for the county to be concerned with.

Skinner responded that the work was done without a permit, which Clark conceded, and posed a safety risk to vehicles that may leave the roadway.

The rock work was done on the highway right of way without a permit as part of construction ongoing at the Miskimins’ property along Highway J46. The new residential construction is located on the northside of the highway, between the Drake Avenue extension outlet and 217th Avenue.

Clark said the work ultimately improved draining along a highway that has historically had issues removing water from the roadway. It also added to the beautification of the area.

Supervisors asked Skinner to work with Clark and Miskimins to come up with a solution and make a report at the board’s Nov. 4 meeting.

“My practice is anyone that’s not gotten a permit, you highly scrutinize whatever they put in there,” Skinner said. “If it’s not compliant with your practices, then it should come out.”

As far as the other issues brought up, Skinner said while the county hopes to address all issues they must first ensure new ones aren’t created, which is why he’s focused on this issue.

The rock is a river rock from Des Moines and is a large rock. Skinner said he’s seen it used in small applications, but questions the safety of the rock as it is applied in this case.

In other road news:

• There were three bids received for the county’s crack sealing project. The lowest was a Wisconsin company for $297,000, which is about $22,000 more than Skinner had engineered.

• The patching project for east of Unionville, Iowa will be out for bids in December or January, Skinner said.

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