Nearly $300K in scholarships awarded at CHS

Photo by Kyle Ocker/Daily IowegianCenterville High School seniors pose for a photo on Monday, after the class collectively received nearly $300,000 in scholarship awards at the CHS Senior Awards Program at Simon Estes Auditorium.

On Monday, Centerville High School held its senior awards program at Simon Estes Auditorium. Between all scholarships and awards presented, a total of $229,446 in scholarship funding was presented to the soon-to-graduate seniors.

Awards presented were:

American Bar Association Citizenship Award: Gage Alexander, Madeleine Robinson

Student Council Recognition: Hannah Bailey, Clay Garretson, Jada Kroeger

Silver Cord Grant Awards: Hannah Berja $500, Hannah Bailey $750

Academic Letter Awards (3.5 GPA and above): Gage Alexander, Chasity Cowan, Savannah Daugherty, Helen Savage-Lassabe, Madi Jo Smith, Madeleine Robinson, Brandi Rexroat, Camille Hendricks, Emily Eyheralde, Chloe Zintz, Shaylin Brown, Hannah Berja, Anna Bowen, Emily Lewis, Brinley Kauzlarich, Adelyn Dorman, Ryan Cassady, Jada Kroeger, Elizabeth Meng, Hannah Bailey, Maddison Parson, Cade Kirkland, Jaxson Ocker, Shay Klaus, Jullian Varese, Joe Morris, Ashlyn Boecker, Luis Alonso Rodriguez, Carly Mihalovich, Siarah Black, Rachel Lawhon, Gage Peterson, Hunter Henderson

Governor’s Scholar Recognition Award: Madeleine Robinson

Des Moines Register Academic All-State: Madeleine Robinson

Female scholar, athletes awards (4.0 GPA and 3-plus activities over four years): Chasity Cowan, Camille Hendricks, Brandi Rexroat

E. D. “Jack" White Athletic Award: Jaxson Ocker, Emily Lewis

Dannco Outstanding Athlete Award: Jaxson Ocker, Chasity Cowan

Bernie Saggau Award: Jaxson Ocker

Gary Cline Memorial Scholarship: Chasity Cowan $250

Clyde & Virginia Carney Memorial Scholarship: Hannah Bailey $750, Kaleb Cochran $750, Cole Cooper $750, Elizabeth Meng $750

Russ Miller Memorial Scholarship: Kaleb Cochran $250, Emily Lewis $250

Janet Stevens Memorial Scholarship: Anna Bowen $250, Clay Garretson $250

Don & Leora Whisler Memorial Scholarship: Peyton Russell $500

Gary “Punki” Crowell Memorial Scholarship: Madi Jo Smith $500

Stefanie Morrow Memorial Scholarship: Brandi Rexroat $500

Robert & Charlotte Beck Scholarship: Brandi Rexroat $1,000

Simon & Westella Estes Scholarship: Madi Jo Smith $1,000

Kenneth & Sandra Benson Scholarship: Chloe Zintz $500

John & Karleen Hagan Scholarship (in memory of Bert & Cleo Hagan and Karl & Monica Fischer): Gage Alexander $2,500, Savannah Daugherty $2,500

Centerville School Foundation Scholarship: Clay Garretson $1,000

Laura Shopbell Scholarship: Brinley Kauzlarich $1,000

Morris Cohn Scholarship: Emily Lewis $1,000

Fran Dooley Scholarship: Hannah Bailey $250

Kenneth & Delores Elgin Scholarship: Camille Hendricks $1,000 renewable

Gretchen Rodgers Memorial: Madeleine Robinson $2,000

Clint Smith Scholarship: Shaylin Brown $1,000

Mallett Family Music Scholarship: Michael Currington $1,000

P.E.O. Chapters KA and D Scholarship: Madeleine Robinson $500

Chuck Deatsch Memorial Scholarship: Jaxson Ocker $1,000

Grand Lodge of Iowa: Helen Savage-Lassabe $2,000

Indian Hills Foundation Scholarships:

• Luis Rodriguez Nevarez, $1200, Computer Software Development Club Scholarship

• Ashlyn Boecker, $1,200, Horticulture Club Scholarship

• Anna Bowen, $1,400, Rosenman Academic Scholarship

• Brinley Kauzlarich, $2,000, Rosenman Academic Scholarship

• Cade Kirkland, $1,200, Computer Software Development Club Scholarship

• Shay Klaus, $1,400, Rosenman Academic Scholarship

• Latisha Mason, $600, Edward J Schwartz Perpetual Educational Trust Fund Scholarship

• Peyton Russell, $1,000, Steve & Marlene Sprouse Scholarship

• Carly Mihalovich, $600, Kris Koestner Class of ‘65 Perpetual Scholarship

Lee Container Scholarship: Cole Cooper $1,000, Rhiley Maddy $1,000, James Price $1,000

Appanoose Co. Foundation Scholarship: Gage Alexander $1,000, Jaxson Ocker $1,000, Brandi Rexroat $1,000, Madeleine Robinson $1,000, Chloe Zintz $1,000

Appanoose County Foundation Scholarship - Bill & Jane Swab: Savannah Daugherty $2,500 per year, Madi Jo Smith $2,500 per year

Shelter Insurance: Anna Bowen $2,000

Farmers Bank of Northern Missouri: Madi Jo Smith $500

Alpha Rho Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma: Madi Jo Smith $250

MFA Oil Company Scholarship: Gage Alexander $2,000

Max E. Ellis Memorial Rotary Scholarship: Savannah Daugherty $300

Jim Irelan Memorial Rotary Scholarship: Ashlyn Boecker $300

Centerville Rotary Scholarships: Camille Hendricks $200, Peyton Russell $200

Joan Hoffman Memorial Scholarship: Emily Lewis $500

Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa: Helen Savage-Lassabe $1,000

Appanoose Family Alliance Scholarship: Clay Garretson $250

Class of 1949 Scholarship: Brandi Rexroat $500, Madeleine Robinson $500

Milton & Dorothy Stout Scholarship: Hannah Bailey $300

Gerald D. Foster Memorial Scholarship: Michael Currington $500

Dana & Glenn Moritz Scholarship: Madi Jo Smith $1,000

Dr. F.B. and Ester M. Leffert Scholarship: Shaylin Brown $400

Colleen Cook Memorial Scholarships: Gage Alexander $400, Hannah Berja $400, Carly Mihalovich $400

Gower Voxman Scholarship: Madi Jo Smith $400

Centerville High School Class of 1958/Robert Harl Scholarship: Kaleb Cochran $200

Orville Butler Scholarship: Jaxson Ocker $400

Outside scholarships:

• Ryan Cassidy, University of Northern Iowa, UNI-T.E.D. Scholarship $1,000 per year

• Cole Cooper, Eagle's Memorial Foundation Educational Grant, $6,000 per year

• Emily Eyheralde, University of Northern Iowa, UNI-T.E.D. Scholarship $1,000 per year, CBA Multicultural Award $2,099 per year, Presidential Scholarship $8,000 per year, UNI RISE Award $4,000 per year.

• Emily Lewis, Graceland University, President's Merit Scholarship and Women's Track Scholarship totaling $19,500.

• Brandi Rexroat, Missouri State University, out-of-state tuition waiver of $7,950 per year and Elks Scholarship $500.

• Helen Savage-Lassabe, University of Iowa, Mary Padovan Scholarship $2,400.

• Madi Jo Smith, University of Northern Iowa, Distinguished Scholars Award $1,000, Art Department Scholarship $4,000, Professional Educators of Iowa College Book Scholarship $100, The Iowa State Association of Counties $1,000.


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