Moravia High School held their graduation ceremony on Sunday, May 14.

The graduating Class of 2019 includes: Hunter Arbogast, Lane Arter, Cole Ballanger, Brady Bickel, Tanner Devore, Cheyenne Ervin, Beth Foglesong, Brendan Gray, Makenna Gray, Mercedes Grubb, Amika Hamilton, Alexis Harrington, Morgan Heaberlin, Keith Hoffman, Emily Johnson, Jonathan Kamerick, Erika Miller, Nathan Nigh, Allen Parlier, Lauren Perry, Kalanna Proctor, Jessica Self, Casey Smith, Colton Smith, Carson Underwood, Cayleigh Whitlow, and Ashlynn Woollums.

During the graduation ceremony on Sunday, May 14, the following students received Scholarships and awards:

Chira McKee presented Spanish awards to Hunter Arbogast and Emily Johnson.

Chariton Valley Electric Cooperative awarded $1,000 Scholarships to Hunter Arbogast and Emily Johnson.

Mark McCarty from Agriland awarded Cole Ballanger a $1,000 Scholarship.

FFA Alumni: Garett Wilson awarded Casey Smith a $1,000 scholarship and a $750 Scholarship to Morgan Heaberlin.

Emily Johnson and Jessica Self were awarded the $250 Miss Moravia Scholarship.

Casey Smith was awarded the DMACC Mark Pearson FFA Leadership Scholarship totaling over $40,000.

Levi Collins awarded an Alvin Donahoo Agriculture $200 Scholarships to Cole Ballanger and Morgan Heaberlin.

Appanoose County Soil and Water Conservation District presented a $1,000 Scholarship to Cole Ballanger.

Cayleigh Whitlow was awarded the Tom and Jean Robb $850 Scholarship by Pastor Christy Ehrle.

Kirsten Hanson from Indian Hills Community College awarded Morgan Heaberlin and Beth Foglesong a $3000 Rising Star Scholarship. Cheyenne Ervin was awarded the Kirsten Hanson $1000 Scholarship. Amika Hamilton was awarded a $400 Cheerleading Scholarship.

Logan Perry presented Masonic Lodge $250 Scholarships to Carson Underwood and Lauren Perry.

Monty McCoy presented the Iowa State Bar Association American Citizenship Award and an Appanoose County Bar Association $300 Scholarship to Cayleigh Whitlow.

Lyle Brinegar awarded the $500 Appanoose County Republican Party Scholarships to Lauren Perry and Emily Johnson.

Elaine and Stanley Spencer have awarded $500 Stanley and Elaine Spencer Scholarships to Casey Smith and Morgan Heaberlin.

Sgt. Chase Stutzman from the Iowa National Guard awarded Jonathan Kamerick a Citizen-Soldier Award.

Ron Devore presented Alexis Harrington with the Bloomfield Christian Church Memorial $500 Scholarship.

Ron Deal presented Brady Bickel with a Ruritan “Build Your Dollars” scholarship for $600. Lauren Perry, Jessica Self, and Emily Johnson received the local Moravia Ruritan Club $500 scholarships.

Ron Deal presented the Moravia Community $250 Scholarship to Jessica Self.

Ralph Millemon presented $400 Wil-Rog-Mor Post #407 American Legion Scholarships to Hunter Arbogast and Lauren Perry. Mr. Millemon also gave $50 gift cards to the other applicants: Brady Bickel and Jessica Self.

Jeff Wilson presented scholarships from the Moravia Nazarene Men’s Ministry group to several students: $500 - Hunter Arbogast, $400 - Emily Johnson, $400 - Lauren Perry, $500 - Brady Bickel and $250 -Keith Hoffman.

Alexis Harrington was awarded an Iowa Rural Letter Carriers Auxiliary Scholarship for $300.

The $1000 Mike Pfannebecker Memorial Scholarship was presented to Brady Bickel.

Cornell College has awarded a Dean’s scholarship of $24,000 and a Cornell College grant of $11,000 to Jessica Self. These are renewable for four years for a total award of $140,000.

Cayleigh Whitlow has been awarded an $18,000 Presidential Scholarship, a $1,500 Legacy Award, and a Fine Arts Music Scholarship of $7,000 from Drake University. These are renewable over four years for a total award of $106,000.

Grand View University has awarded Lauren Perry a Grand View Grant of $6,500, a Volleyball scholarship of $7,300, and an Iowa tuition grant of $11,650 for a total of $27,545.

Graceland University has awarded Brendan Gray an Iowa Scholars Award of $9,600, a $12,500 Dean’s Merit Scholarship and a Men’s Basketball $2,000 Scholarship for a total of $24,100.

Mid-America Nazarene University awarded a $17,000 MNU Scholarship, a MAX Excellence Award of $2000 and a $1000 Nazarene Scholarship to Brady Bickel.

Indian Hills Community College has awarded a $1,200 Ag Club Scholarship to Morgan Heaberlin.

Carson Underwood has been awarded the Student Merit Scholarship of $300, a Theatre Scholarship of $400, and an Athletic Bands Scholarship $450 from Iowa Central Community College.

Truman State University has awarded Alexis Harrington an $8,000 TruMerit Scholarship and a $1,000 President’s Honorary Scholarship.

William Penn University awarded Makenna Gray an Athletic Cheerleading Scholarship of $14,000 and a $5,100 Iowa Pride Scholarship.

William Penn University awarded Emily Johnson a Volleyball Scholarship and a Scholastic Academic Scholarship totaling over $75,700. Emily was also awarded a $1,000 Bunt Declamatory Scholarship. Emily was also offered a Central Academic Scholarship for $21,000, a Simpson Scholarship for $84,000, and an Iowa State Academic Scholarship of $76,000.

The Appanoose County Foundation has awarded $1,000 scholarships to Hunter Arbogast and Cayleigh Whitlow. They also awarded the Lawrence and Delma Burthart $1,000 scholarship to Morgan Heaberlin.

Several years ago we started a Silver Cord program here. The Silver Cord Award is a distinguished service award available to students who earn at least 160 hours of service from the start of their freshman year through May 1 of their senior year. This year we had several students receive those awards: Hunter Arbogast, Brady Bickel, Makenna Gray, Alexis Harrington, Lauren Perry, and Cayleigh Whitlow.

Overall, the class of 2019 was awarded over $282,170 in scholarships.


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