Library pleas for more county money

Photo by Kyle Ocker/Daily IowegianDrake Public Library Director JeNel Barth, right, presents to the Appanoose County Board of Supervisors Monday.

Fresh off renovations last year, the Drake Public Library Board presented a request that Appanoose County increase its funding levels from under $8,900 to $20,000.

Supervisors did not indicate an answer on Monday, but the request was made in advance of their budgeting process which will begin soon.

It's not the first time the issue has come up, though. In 2006, the Drake Public Library Board of Directors nearly implemented a charge for county residents after the county did not increase its funding support, which was reported to be $8,500 at the time. They ultimately decided to nix that plan.

Representatives from the library board made the same pitch to the supervisors last January.

Last year, the Centerville City Council gave the library a significant funding increase of $75,000 over their normal yearly increase amount.

In other action:

— The board heard an update from Sarah Lind of Appanoose Economic Development Corporation.

— The resignation of Dr. Nancy Barton as Appanoose County Medical Examiner, effective Jan. 31 unless a replacement is found sooner.

— The search for a new county engineer continues. The interim contract with Gary Bishop expires Feb. 1 unless the board chooses to renew. Bishop indicated he could continue serving until May, though he is aiding Wayne County currently as well as they attempt to search for a new engineer themselves. There are currently five openings in southern Iowa, chairman Mark Waits said. The county has had a lack of applicants for the position.

"It doesn't appear that we have a lot of applications right now for a county engineer," Waits said. "But the board is examining all options [including] non-conventional ways of getting an engineer."

— Supervisors appointed Ray Tresmer to the civil service commission and Ed Cox to the compensation board.

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Kyle Ocker is the editor of the Daily Iowegian. Prior to becoming editor, Ocker was a correspondent, sports editor and associate editor at the Daily Iowegian, and was the managing editor of the Knoxville Journal-Express.