The Centerville mom that was charged after the death of her 10-month-child has pled guilty to reduced charges and will be sentenced in October.

Brittney Kay Keller, 30, of Centerville, entered guilty pleas to reduced charges on Aug. 20.

Brittney Kay Keller

Brittney Kay Keller

Keller was originally charged in May with child endangerment causing death, a class B felony; possession of methamphetamine second offense, an aggravated misdemeanor; and possession of marijuana second offense, a simple misdemeanor.

Her guilty pleas on Aug. 20 were for a lesser offense of child endangerment, an aggravated misdemeanor, and for the possession of methamphetamine.

The court has set sentencing for Keller for Oct. 23. Keller was in custody for 91 days, according to court filings. She was released without bond by court order the day after entering her guilty pleas.

On the reduced child endangerment charge, Keller could be sentenced up to two years in prison or up to one year in jail. The maximum sentence for the methamphetamine possession charge is up to one year in jail.

Police in May said Keller left her two children unattended in a bathtub with running water. In court filings, police said Keller told them she was gathering towels and pajamas and was gone not more than five minutes before discovering her 10-month-old child face down in the water. Efforts to resuscitate the child were unsuccessful.

Barbara Pasa

Barbara Pasa

Pasa trial slated to begin this month

The trial against a Centerville woman accused of killing her husband and then setting their home on fire is still scheduled to begin later this month.

Barbara Lee Pasa, 47, of Centerville, was charged in May 2018 with first-degree murder and first-degree arson. Police said she killed her husband Timothy Pasa and then set their home on fire. A firefighter was injured while fighting the fire.

Her trial was moved to neighboring Monroe County due to pre-trial publicity and because a relative of Timothy Pasa works in the Appanoose County Clerk of Courts office.

The trial is set to begin with jury selections on Sept. 17.

Suspended prison for weed dealing

A Centerville man received a suspended prison sentence and probation after pleading guilty to a marijuana distribution charge.

Police arrested Todd Edward Garr, 25, of Centerville, in August 2018 and charged him with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. He pled guilty to that charge in October.

Garr was sentenced to five years of prison, all suspended, and placed on probation for five years. He was also fined and assessed court costs, attorney fees and surcharges.

Probation for attempted burglary

A Centerville woman received suspended prison and a two years probation after a guilty plea to a lesser offense in a burglary case.

Shannah Rae Bankson, 30, of Centerville, was charged in February with third-degree burglary for breaking into a house with another individual in the 800 block of E. Stewart St. A Centerville Police Officer stumbled onto and interrupted the burglary, court documents say.

Bankson pled guilty to a lesser charge of attempted burglary. She was sentenced to two years in prison, all suspended, and placed on probation for two years. She was also fined and assessed court costs, attorney fees and surcharges, and order to pay restitution.

Assault charge nets suspended prison

A Cincinnati woman was placed on probation and received a suspended prison sentence after a guilty plea to a lesser assault charge.

Sheena Lorrine Sibert, 30, of Cincinnati, was charged in February with domestic assault third offense, assault on persons in certain occupations, willful injury, and assault with intent to inflict serious injury.

Police said that on Feb. 24 Sibert picked up a stick in the yard of a victim’s residence and used it to hit the victim approximately four times. Police said she kicked a first responder as she was receiving medical treatment at the Centerville jail on the same day.

Sibert pled guilty on Aug. 13 and was sentenced Aug. 23 to one reduced charge of assault with intent to commit serious injury. She was sentenced to two years of suspended prison, two years of probation and fined

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