More than 70 citizens petition that the Appanoose County Board of Supervisors terminate their contract with a local organization for an upcoming comprehensive plan refresh.

The supervisors did so in a 3-0 vote Monday after the petition was presented.

Mark McGill, a local landowner who presented the petition, said concerns were numerous with Chariton Valley Planning and Development, the organization contracted to update the county's comprehensive plan.

Chariton Valley is the organization that recently completed the city of Centerville's comprehensive plan, which included the hotly debated two-mile extra-territorial zoning among its goals.

McGill said he and others who signed the petition are concerned whether the organization could "undo what happened with the city" and making a unique plan for Appanoose County.

"I feel like we need a different set of eyes to help us grow," McGill said. "Some of the content that was in the comprehensive plan that was just completed on the city side had lots of material that really is not good for the county side.

Supervisor chairman Mark Waits said he was concerned, given the controversy, whether citizens would be involved with the process like is needed.

"We're going to spend a lot money on the comprehensive plan," Waits said. "If the citizens don't participate, then what good is spending the money? It appears to me that there is a group of individuals that if Chariton Valley does it, probably have already made up their mind that they're not going to take part in it."

The contract was approved by the county in January, and was set to begin in July. The termination clause in the contract states that "upon written agreement between the county and [Chariton Valley], this contract may be declared null and void." If terminated early, Chariton Valley would be due reimbursement for already completed work.

Since the contract didn't technically start until July 1, it's unclear what costs the county may be on the hook for. A meetings schedule had already been published, which would indicate some work had been done by Chariton Valley.

Outside of the comprehensive planning issue, supervisors had a brief discussion Monday about the concept of implementing a tax increment financing program with the upcoming wind farm proposed project. Further discussion is slated for a special meeting on Tuesday, June 4 at 9 a.m.

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