Ceremony for ground-breaking held at C&C

Photos by Kyle Ocker/Daily IowegianMark Waits, Appanoose County Supervisors Chairman, Geoff Cowan, co-owner of C&C Machining, and Sarah Lind, director of Appanoose Economic Development, dig in their shovels during a ceremonial groundbreaking Friday.

C&C Machining had two choices on the table when pursuing an expansion: Centerville or Ottumwa.

In Ottumwa last year they had purchased the former Aljon campus and business, giving them additional land to expand there if they desired.

But instead, the family-owned business opted for an expansion at the Centerville campus. The investment totals $2 million on land they purchased from the Appanoose Economic Development Corporation.

The investment is fueled by a local incentives package by Appanoose County and the City of Centerville. The funds, leaders say, do not come from property taxes. On the city’s side, funds come from a tax increment financing program.

“The growth of this building is really what is going to fund the incentives that they are getting,” Centerville City Administrator Jason Fraser said.

For the county, their dollars come from economic development funds derived from voter-approved local option sales tax.

The new facility will be 65,000 square feet.

“[The expansion] lets us keep and maintain a lot of the employees that we have,” said co-owner Geoff Cowan. “We’ll be adding some employees, ... we’re hiring all the time.”

In Centerville, the company employs 155 people — a significant growth from its humble beginnings out of a family barn in 1994.

The first facility on campus was built in 2000 and the campus in Centerville has been expanded three times.

C&C Machining’s expansion is but the latest dirt to move at the industrial park. New businesses have come over the past few years, and another is set to begin construction soon.

Most of the land, minus the 40-acre site that has been certified by the state’s economic development arm, is now claimed at the Centerville industrial park.

“It seems like in the last couple years we’ve got Southern Iowa Heating, we’ve got this going, and there’s another project that’s in the works...,” Mark Waits, supervisor chairman and AEDC board member, said.

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Kyle Ocker is the editor of the Daily Iowegian. Prior to becoming editor, Ocker was a correspondent, sports editor and associate editor at the Daily Iowegian, and was the managing editor of the Knoxville Journal-Express.