CENTERVILLE – The Centerville Redette soccer team opened its season on Monday when they hosted Prairie City - Monroe.

Kari Thomas, Jordan Davis and Blair Schmidt scored goals for the Redettes as Centerville took a 3-1 victory.

“One player cannot win a game and this truly showed that a combination of all the girls is what won this for us,” said Centerville head coach Rod Campbell. “Most valuable player for the game was Jordan Davis.”

The Redettes (1-0) hit the field again today when they travel to Oskaloosa.

Centerville 3,

Prairie City - Monroe 1

Centerville statistics

Goals - Kari Thomas, Jordan Davis, Blair Schmidt.

Shots on goals - Schmidt 7, Melia Mosley 3, Davis 2, Thomas, Krystal Campbell.

Assists - Thomas.

Blocked shots (goalie) - Deara Hinton 5.

Blocked shots (defender) - Campbell 3, Crystal Maldonado, Marcie Mosley, Darcy Thomas.

Corner kicks - Thomas 2, Melia Mosley 2, Schmidt.

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