Makenzie Richmond during last Tuesday’s meet against Davis County.

Photo by Kyle Ocker/Daily Iowegian
Daily Iowegian

The Centerville Redettes tennis team recorded two 8-1 victories one against Davis County last Tuesday and one against Chariton on last Thursday.

Five members of the Centerville Redette team are 2-0 in singles competition, and the team has no losses in doubles thus far.

“Great start to the year,” Redettes head coach Chuck Banks said. “Lots of girls are being given an opportunity to earn varsity victories.”

Debbie Sheets, Makenzie Richmond, Sara Runyan, Makenzie Jewett and Lauren Craver have all won their first two matches of the season.

The Redettes traveled to Mt. Pleasant on Monday. Centerville will travel to Clarke today, for a 4:30 p.m. meet.

Centerville 8, Davis County 1

Tuesday, March 27

at Centerville

Singles — Sheets (CV) def. Wuthruich (DC) 8-8, 7-2 (OT). Richmond (CV) over Joas (DC) 8-1. Runyan (CV) def. Walker (DC) 8-1. Jewett (CV) def. Vinyard (DC) 8-1. Craver (CV) def. Davidson (DC) 8-5. Rudd (DC) def. Thompson (CV) 8-8, 10-8 (OT).

Doubless — Sheets/Richmond (CV) def. Wuthrich/Walker (DC) 8-3. Runyan/Jewett (CV) def. Joas/Vinyard (DC) 8-5. Thompson/Craver (CV) def. Davidson/Rudd (DC) 8-1.

Centerville 8, Chariton 1

Thursday, March 29

at Centerville

Singles — Sheets (CV) def. Heim (CH) 8-2. Richmond (CV) def. McRoberts (CH) 8-5. Runyan (CV) def. Foster (CH) 8-3. Jewett (CV) def. Chambers (CH) 8-1. White (CH) def. Bulechek 8-6. Craver (CV) def. Longley (CH) 8-5.

Doubles — Sheets/Richmond (CV) def. Heim/McRoberts (CH) 8-0. Runyan/Jewett (CV) def. Foster/Chambers (CH) 8-3. Bulechek/Hawk (CV) def. White/Longley (CH) 8-2.

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