Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

May 31, 2013

Exline Permaculture Society begins June 11

By Doug Carlsten
The Daily Iowegian

---- — First, my name is Doug Carlsten and my wife, Michele, who’s been writing this article is taking a break this week, so I’ll be taking over. We’ll be sharing the duty from time to time, so howdy! What a great privilege it is to be part of our “Little town with a big heart!”

I know that Michele has been bringing you a recipe each week, but I thought that since it is the season (rain and all) I might share a gardening tip instead. Have you ever tried planting Jerusalem Artichokes? They’re an easy to grow perennial related to sunflowers, so you don’t have to till the area, or replant every year! Hardy enough to take on our cold winters, they produce tubers just below the soil that resemble knobby new potatoes. They have a nutty crisp taste, are really low in calories and super high in iron. You can find many sources online to order the tubers, so give these perennial potato substitutes a try. Beware though, once started in the garden they can be hard to get rid of because you always seem to miss a few tubers when digging them up.

In other news, remember that the deadline for the first annual Miss Exline Contest is June 1. If you’re interested in competing, call Jodie McCoy at (641) 799-4450, Heather Heubner at (641) 895-3714 or Penny Sharp at (641) 658-2399. Don’t forget about entries for the 5k run or 1.5 mile walk (By the dawns early light), to be held on July 4. Registration must be done by June 15 to guarantee correct T-shirt size. You can also register by July 1 but shirt availability can’t be guaranteed. Register at the Exline store. Flea Market vendors are still wanted! You’ll be able to set up on the street on July 4 and it’s free! Contact Penny at the Exline store at (641) 658-2399.

Many thanks to Grace Olson for painting the bell in anticipation of the many visitors on Memorial Day. Speaking of Memorial Day, if you left flowers in memoriam at the Cemetery you need to pick them up by June 3 or they will be disposed of by the city.

The Exline Royal Neighbors will be hosting a “coffee” on June 10 at 9:30 a.m. and will have a great guest speaker, Enfys McMurry. The topic will be World War II. Everyone’s welcome, punch, coffee and cookies will be served.

Mary Ann Hurley attended her class reunion in Colfax on May 25 and had a great time. She attended her freshman and sophomore years there, before moving to Centerville. There were only 35 in the graduating class there and 40 attended the reunion. It was held at her best friend Judy Case Ross’s house. Mary Ann also attended her niece Tressa Young’s son, Jerrel’s, wedding in Allerton.

And on to the reception in Corydon from there. Sounds like quite a road trip for Mary Ann and congratulations to Jerel and his new bride Samantha Fortune.

There are still just a few bricks available at the Methodist Church Bell Memorial, so if you would like to have one inscribed the deadline is July 29. They’re just $50 each and you can have up to two lines with 17 characters per line inscribed. Call Mary Ann at (641) 895-7747 for more info.

The annual Exline School reunion was on May 25 and more than 30 people attended. Everybody enjoyed a great dinner with pork roast, fried chicken and potatoes and gravy, with many luscious side dishes and lip smacking deserts. I don’t have the space to list all the attendees, but a few were the Germanns, the Sparks, McClurgs, Odens, Kings, Eddys, Gallows, Houstons, Mullins and other locals. Flower arrangement winners were Barbara Farr, Bonnie Sparks, Robert McClurg and Ben Sparks.

Are you interested in helping to create a more stable local economy, a local Exline Farmers Market, sharing gardening tips, or creating a “Barn Raising Group” to help one another with projects? How about a plant and seed exchange, local lending library of reference materials, or just helping your neighbors “Weather the storm” in our troubling economic times? Do you have any ideas of your own that would nourish neighbors helping neighbors? The word “Permaculture” is the conjunction or melding of the words permanent and culture. If you are concerned about our local future, and would like to help promote local self reliance, the first meeting of the “Exline Permaculture Society” will be held at the Community Center on June 11 at 7 p.m. Come by and share your ideas!