Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

July 19, 2013

Royal Neighbors plan sale in August

By Michele Carlsten
The Daily Iowegian

---- — Wow, how the weather changes! Hot, hot! I feel for everyone who doesn’t have the option to be in the air conditioning. They say there is little to no chance of rain for weeks. I thought we would have a good productive year for all. Once again I should just not even guess.

The recipe is so easy this week.

Mushroom Crockpot Roast

4 lb. or so beef roast either chuck or rump works well

One can of cream of mushroom soup

One packet of onion soup mix

Baby carrots and chunks of potatoes

Just put the roast in your crockpot along with the vegetables, combine the soup and mix, pour over the roast and cook on low for 48 hours. It’s wonderfully tender and you don’t have to heat the house up with the oven.

I have to mention how nice the 4th of July was and how wonderful all the girls and all the volunteers did at the Exline Store. Believe me I know how hard it is.

A few quick notes on happenings —

The fair is up and going and 4-H Exline Ramblers had quite a few pies that were auctioned off and Jasmine won two blue ribbons and her pie’s brought a great amount for a pie, $50 and $25. The Exline Ramblers won the prize of a pizza party for all of the pies. This organization is such a wonderful experience for all the youths to learn so many things and responsibilities in life.

I have always been an advocate for volunteering in whatever interests you and then volunteering for community as well. I firmly believe that everyone should do their part and do something that helps no matter how little time or how small the projects are. My family has been volunteering for most of my life and my son has been doing it since he was just 2 years old and we all continue to this day and always will. Communities need this to thrive and survive. Now that we are doing the article for Exline I get to hear of more and more things that are getting done and no one expects to be paid back for anything. Maybe if the rest of the nation volunteered more, the world might be a better place.

I would like to send out thanks and good praise to all of the people in town that are cleaning up their properties and doing all the attractive decorating, planting etc. It’s looking beautiful and it just sends out a message about our little town. I myself need to get out there as well and do some work but like always it’s time, money and weather.

I would also like to commend all of the city council and volunteers for all they are doing to spruce up the basketball court and other various projects in town. Keep it up!

Don’t forget that the Royal Neighbors garage sale is Friday, Aug. 2 and Saturday, Aug. 3. This is also the city wide sale day and anyone is encouraged to have a sale that weekend. If you don’t want to bother just donate your stuff to the Royal Neighbors and enjoy the spirit of giving. Call Maryann for drop off.

The ice cream social is being held Aug. 24 in the park and as always there will be amazing homemade ice cream and fire cooked cobblers and such. Make sure you keep this event and spend some time with friends and yummies.

Joy Golden made a trip to Arizona recently to visit family and friends. She was accompanied by daughter Jill Sharp and granddaughter Jasmine. On the drive down they had to stop for two hours for a dust storm that made it impossible to drive on a Texas highway. They got to visit and see Joy’s great-grandchildren for the first time. Ryland who is 3 and Kaelyn who is 1 month old. Then the shopping and sightseeing all along was just wonderful.

Abby Walsh has been in town visiting her family for about a month. She leaves to go back to start her first full time teaching position in Virginia at a high school in the special education area. We are so proud of our small town girl making it in the big city.

My brother stopped in on the 4th of July on his way to Pensacola, Fla. to meet up with his fiancé in the Navy. He is in love with our small town and couldn’t believe that it was so green and hilly in the area.

There are a few health issues running around the area, Pat Huebner fell and broke her arm and that’s after all of the other health problems recently. Get better Pat!

Wayne and Rosalee Exline’s daughter had an aneurism and is stable and awaiting surgery in a few weeks. Our hearts go out to her and we wish her a well recovery.

I myself have been under the weather so I really haven’t been out and about to much but I am on the mend or as much mending I will get soon.

A great thanks to Brett and Annette Sinclair for the loan of the lawn tractor while our two were down. Doug has finally gotten a good used motor and we now have one we call Frankie because he is from four different mowers.