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October 14, 2011

Fall smorgasbord dinner Sunday, Oct. 23 at Exline Community Center

By Curt Oden - Exline correspondent
Daily Iowegian

EXLINE — We sure have had beautiful weather for the most part lately, with the cool mornings, and the warm, sunny afternoons.   This month seems to be flying by.   It is almost half way over, already.

The recipe this week, is one that is good anytime of the year, but it seems really good on a chilly evening with some baked beans and warm bread to go with it.


Ham Balls with Glaze



1 lb. ground ham

3/4 lb. lean ground pork

1/2 tsp. salt

1/8 tsp. pepper

1 egg, well beaten

1/2 c. milk

1/2 c. cracker crumbs



3/4 c. brown sugar, packed

1/2 Tbsp. salad mustard

1/4 c. apple cider vinegar

1/4 c. water


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Thoroughly mix the ham ball mixture and shape into bite-size meat balls. Place in a baking pan.

Mix the glaze to make a basting sauce and pour over the ham balls. Bake uncovered for one hour. The ham balls should be basted several times while baking. Set aside to cool.

The birthday celebration was held for the month of October, at the Exline Old Country Store, on the first Wednesday of the month. The cakes were provided by the local ladies and coffee and ice cream were also enjoyed that was given out by the store.

Those people celebrating their birthdays this month were, Mirie Huston, Mike Sudbrock, Marge Conger, Aaron Hurley and Eloise Campbell.  

Those couples celebrating their wedding anniversaries were, John and Joy Golden, who  had their 64th anniversary on the fourth and Wayne and Rosalee Exline, who have been married for 62 years, as of the eighth, of the month.

Special get well wishes go out to Kendell Oden, who is home recuperating after recently being hospitalized.  

Last week, family and friends got together and rounded up his cattle, sorted off the calves and hauled them to sell, at a fall calf sale.

Since at the time, Kendell was still in the hospital, he was unable to attend the sale. This was the first time in over 30 years that he did not get to be at the annual sale. He was able to watch it, as it was streamed on-line, on the computer, that his granddaughter brought in for him to see, in his hospital room.

Last Saturday, at the Scott and Jodie McCoy farm west of Exline, a special birthday celebration was held for their son, Trey’s 14th, birthday.

A group of people joined them on their farm, where they saddled up their horses, to go on a trail ride, because that is what Trey wanted to do for his birthday.

Around 1:30 that afternoon, the mounted riders headed out on their ride.   They were going to meet up with some other riders along the way.

Afterward, everyone rode back to the McCoy farm, where other invited guests also  joined them, for grilled hot dogs, along with baked beans, chips and pop. The  birthday cake was shaped to look  like a horse and after everyone ate, cake and ice cream were served. It was a fun get together on a beautiful afternoon.

This past Sunday, Denise and I and our friend Rhonda, went on a nice ride to Van Buren County, to attend their annual, Scenic Drive Festival.

We first traveled to their county seat town of Keosauqua, where we enjoyed looking at all of the craft booths that were set up in the park.

We ate a delicious buffet, Sunday dinner in the old Hotel Manning diningroom, where there has been a business of some sort, on that site since 1839.

A fire destroyed the building in the 1890s, at which time it was rebuilt, adding a second and third floor and making it into a hotel.

After we ate, we got to see some really, neat old cars at their car show, on their main street, in town, as we walked along.

We then rode through the scenic roads, in Lacey Keosauqua State Park and enjoyed the pretty Autumn colors on the trees.  

From there, we ventured to the quaint town of Bentonsport, where we browsed in their shops along their main street in town.  It also was bustling with visitors, and craft booths with live, old time music, being played in the town bandstand.

Eventually, as the afternoon was winding down, we made it to another town along the Des Moines river, to Bonaparte, where Denise got some good fudge in a store there.

After a leisurely day, we headed for home after enjoying a nice outing, on a pretty Autumn day.

A group of local, concerned citizens attended the meeting Tuesday evening, at the community center that was held by the representatives of the U.S. Postal Service, to discuss the closing of the Exline Post Office.    

Everyone is invited to attend the fall smorgasbord dinner, that will be held on Sunday, Oct. 23 at the Exline Community Center.   The doors will be open at 11:30 a.m. and dinner will be served until 1 p.m.

The menu for that day will be, roast pork, chicken, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, homemade noodles, dressing and salads along with homemade pies and cakes for dessert.

As payment, a free will offering will be accepted.   The meal is sponsored and prepared by the Exline Recreation Committee.   The money that is raised goes towards community projects.   We hope to see you there.