Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

February 22, 2013

Fundraiser to be held at Majestic

By Curt Oden, Exline Correspondent
Daily Iowegian

CENTERVILLE — As I write this column for the week, the weather forecast is calling for another snowstorm by Thursday. When the newspaper comes out with this column in it on Friday, we will know if the forecast was correct.

The recipe for this week, sounds like a decadent dessert to make for any occasion.


Brownie Sundae Dessert


1 box brownie mix (your choice)



1/2 gallon vanilla ice cream, softened

1 jar Caramel flavored ice cream topping

1 jar Hot fudge ice cream topping

1 c. chopped, salted peanuts

1 c. Pretzels, chopped (optional)

Whipped cream

Maraschino cherries (optional)



Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Lightly spray  a 13 by 9 inch deep baking pan with cooking spray.

In a medium bowl, make the brownie mix, according to package instructions. When blended, pour batter in the prepared baking pan. Once the brownie is baked, remove from oven and let it cool. Do not over bake.

Soften the ice cream and evenly spread it over the cooled brownie, to the edges of the pan. Freeze for two hours or up to two days.

When frozen, remove from the freezer and top with the caramel flavored ice cream topping and the hot fudge flavored topping, pouring evenly over the entire thing.  You may heat the jars of topping in the microwave for a short time to just warm them, so they pour out easily. Be careful and use a towel or pot holder to get them out of the micro-wave oven, since the jars will be hot to the touch. Then, sprinkle the peanuts and pretzels over the entire brownie. You may then add the whipped cream and cherries if you prefer. Cut into pieces and serve.

In its hey day, the town of Exline had its share of Lodges that held regular meetings in the town. It gave people something else to do, since there were no radios, televisions, computers or modern conveniences like we think of today. These organizations gave people an evening out and they could visit with others in the town and catch up on the latest news.

One such organization, was the Modern Woodsmen of America, Exline Camp, No. 6244. It was organized on March 10, 1899. The charter members were: Van Pugh, J.W. Biddle, E.S. Robley, J.E. Hendershot, A.H. Streeter, William Cattern, B.M. Kirby, L.J. Sturdivant, Grant Deahl, W.S. Turk, A.D. Oliver, N.A. Withrow and Bryant Ellis.

The Ladies Auxiliary of the Modern Woodsmen of America were the Evening Lodge, No. 3000, Royal Neighbors of America. They were organized on July 2, 1906. The charter members were: Maggie Neal, Salena McClaskey, Bertha Cline, Nadie Cline, Elizabeth E. Deahl, Blanch Ellis, Edith Jennings, Auusta Johnson, Mamie May, June May, Mattie McCoy, Sarah Polson, Katerine Paul, Alda Richardson, Nevada Simmons, Mary E. Sturdivant, Inda M. Seitz, Nela Thorton, Almerti White, Mary V. Withrow, W. Withrow and Elizabeth D. Withrow.

Another organization that met in Exline were the Knights of Pythias. They were organized  on Jan. 11, 1907. As of March of 1915, they had a membership of 36 people. Their officers at that time were: Eurus Johnson, D.D.;  P.N. May, V.C.;  J.D. Rowan, Mof. E.;  C.E. Cline, Mof. F; and W.S. Turk, K. of Rand S.

There were also the Lone Prairie Lodge, No. 61. K.P. which began on Aug. 15, 1907 with these members: J.D. Rowan, J.P. Richardson, Bert Paul, W.E. Powell, J.E. Exline, M.H. Amos, Houston Cochran, O.W. Johnson, G.H. Bennett, W.S. Turk, J.M. Worley, E.S. Robley, A. P.  Clure, Fritz Rees, G.W. McClaskey, Eurus Johnson, Robert Freeburg, F.M. McCoy, D.M. Cline, B. Corder, E.J. Beard, B.F. Exline, H.L. Walter, Frank Hudson, Robbie Cline, N.A. Withrow and Otis G. Hughes.

Another organization that had meetings in town, was the International Order of Odd Fellows — I.O.O.F., Exline Lodge, No. 25. They were organized on Feb. 19, 1909 with these charter members: L.J. Sturdivant, H.P. Richardson, B.C. Withrow, W.A. Beer, L.E. Ryals, D.M. Cashman and A.J. Farnsworth.

Yet, another organization met during those early years and they were: Daughters, of Rebekah, Coronation Lodge, No. 586. It was organized with these early members: Rachel King, W.A. Beer, Virtue W. Beer, F.A. Powers, Myra  E. Powers, S.P. Maring, Kate Maring, J.E. Forbes, Margaret J. Forbes, Mrs. William Dotson and Josie F. Dotson.

These organizations all met in the brick building just west of  where Doctor L.J. Sturdivant and his wife Mary lived, along the south side of East Main Street.

On the lower level, Dr. Sturdivant maintained an office and there was also a Drug Store that operated on the lower level. The second floor of the building was where the various groups held their meetings. 

As the 20th century progressed, most of the organizations began to go out of existence since the membership slowly began to fall by the wayside. Eventually, the brick building that housed the doctor’s office, drug store and the meetings was torn down.  

The names of a lot of these members in these different groups years ago, were ancestors of some of the descendants or relatives that still live in the area here, to this day.

Out of those groups in town, the only organization that is still in existence, are the Royal Neighbors of America, Camp 3000 and they are still quite active in the community.

They continually hold community fund raisers, meals and do projects to help the surrounding community. So, they are carrying on a long tradition of serving the town for 106 years.

Last week at the Exline Old Country Store, they gave away a new Lottery Book Game, that was valued at $20. The lucky winner was Rosalee Exline.

Just to let you know, a fund raiser is going to be held at the Majestic Grand Ballroom, on Saturday, March 23, at 6 p.m. on North 13th Street in Centerville.

There will be a $10 cover charge, which will include a ticket, good for one free drink. There will also be a cash bar, door prizes, games, a 50/50 raffle and a dance contest. All proceeds will go towards the Exline Betterment Committee, 4th of July Fund, for the town’s annual celebration. Everyone is invited to attend.