Ad-Express and Daily Iowegian, Centerville, IA

January 9, 2014

Personnel changes at the Moravia Library

By Frances Benell The Daily Iowegian
The Daily Iowegian

---- — Deena Hoffman has retired from her position of Moravia library director, as of Jan. 1 after completing almost 15 years at the library. Before the library, she spent 10 years working in the office for the Lutheran Church in Centerville and filling in at other local churches where needed.

She also worked at Mainstreet. She will be 81 this year and has had a long productive life.

While talking about this tough winter so far, she said, with a laugh, "I didn't have any trouble getting down the hill to go to work, it was climbing that slick driveway coming home, sometimes you took your life in your hands, getting to work." She said, "Come Monday, I will be dancing a jig because I don't have to get out in this weather to go to work!"

At the library, she went through the changes in learning the system to operate the computer and all of the changes that came with it, as well as the different way of checking out books and all the reports and phone calls, while the state is gradually bringing by area, all the libraries of Iowa together into one system. A new feature is the e-books that can be read on your computer.

The assistant librarian is Ann Repp, of Moravia, who lives on a paved street and will be staying on as library director. Ann worked full-time at the Ottumwa Library for many years. Moravia is very lucky to have her as the assistant librarian after she retired from the Ottumwa Library.

We are fortunate that one of Ann's specialities is genealogy. So many folks want to trace down distant relatives to get all the family history worked out. Ann has worked with libraries in this area to help find Uncle Harry who worked at one of the mining camps, and is delighted when they find him.

Since Ann is very familiar with library terms, and her experience has made it easier to understand what the library needs to update or change.

You will generally see volunteer Dan Brooks putting books and cds away after he checks the book and cd drop. Also Dave Oehler will be dropping in to help with carrying in the book drop returns. The library is a great place to be Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

People come in to check e-mail and job opening and information for school papers, to find out what the senior meals is having for lunch and just to talk. The library is the hub of the community along with the school system.

A library board spokesperson said that library service will continue the excellent public service and were very happy that Ann Repp accepted the position of Moravia library director.