The Daily Iowegian will publish an editorial Question of the Week on the Opinion page.

The Iowegian wants readers to think about the upcoming election in November. In the next few weeks and months we will ask our readers to pick a candidate in selected local, state and federal races.

So, the question of the week is, “Who will you vote for to fill the one open seat for Appanoose County Board of Supervisors: Democrat incumbent Dean Kaster or Republican challenger Mark Waits?”

Go to the Daily Iowegian website,, and scroll down the home page to POLL on the right hand side and cast your vote. Or call the Iowegian office at (641) 856-6336 or email the editor at to cast a vote.

Vote on the Question of the Week up until Wednesday, July 9 at 12 p.m. The results will be published in the Thursday, July 10 paper along with a new question.

Here are the results from the last poll question: “Who will get your vote in November for Iowa governor? Will it be Republican incumbent Terry Branstad or his challenger, Democrat Jack Hatch?”

A. I plan to vote for Terry Branstad received 57 votes.

B. I plan to vote for Jack Hatch received 46 votes.

C. I’m not sure at this time received 14 votes.

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Michael Schaffer has been the managing editor of the Daily Iowegian since November of 2008.