To the editor:

St. Mary’s Catholic School is in essence a time machine. The machine takes us back to the good old days. Back to the days before the lunacy of political correctness. Back to a time when virtues were virtues and wrong was wrong. Back to a time when our President wasn’t involved in sex education and it was “safe” to watch the news with your children in the room. Back to the days when every student had the privilege to start the day with the recital of the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer for all to the God “In Whom WE Trust. ”

After allegiance to God and country has been established, our children get to focus on academics as well as respect for others, good manners and common decency. Look around the country (school shootings, metal detectors on school doors etc.) and you’ll have to agree these virtues are not as common as they should be.

So with all this talk of God and Country, I could see how some USA hating Athiest could be dead set on tearing St. Mary’s down. But alas the threat comes from within. It is as if some have lost sight of the true original mission of the church. It is not to amass vast wealth or even show great profit. The mission is to help people. If as much energy had been spent for the last year on making the school possible as has been spent trying to get rid of it, we would have one fine school right now.

It’s pitiful to be among the generation that is too apathetic or selfish to prevent a 91-year-old tradition of investing into our future from dying. Sometimes it’s just really hard to tell who’s working for whom.

Brad Stufflebeem


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