Dr. Jewett supporter

Letter to the editor:

I have never written a letter to the editor before, but I feel this is a matter I can no longer stay quiet about.

You see, Dr. Jewett has been our family doctor for over 30 years.

He has been there for us in raising our children. Our son had asthma, and we had to call him to the hospital all hours of the night and sometimes three times a night. He always came to us no matter what time or how many times a night we had to call him.

I remember when our daughter was little and needed stitches, she didn’t want the ER doctor, she wanted Dr. Jewett. One phone call and he was there sewing her up and reassuring us she would be just fine.

I’m sorry for anyone who doesn’t know this kind, dedicated, caring doctor. He is an asset to the medical profession and our community.

Dr. Jewett will always have a special place in our hearts, and be well-respected by us. Not only do we call him our family doctor, we also call him our friend.

Tom and Linda Briggs


Ditto on Dr. Jewett

After reading your comments in the Iowegian I am compelled to weigh in on this one!

Recently it has been written about one of our local doctors to possibly get many, many years of prison time for drug abuse. That statement in itself is interesting. Why not go to the source of the problem? This would make many war veterans very happy. Dr. Jewett was an Army doctor with a U.S. Ranger unit in Vietnam. His job description was to fly out to the battlefields in an Army helicopter, would hover over a wounded soldier with no place to land, and he would jump from the helicopter to the ground to treat a wounded comrade.

After many, many jumps of this kind and with the heavy load on his back, took its toll on his knees. After serving in Vietnam and serving his country well, he came back to Centerville to set up his medical practice, serving the needs of all who came through his door and turning no one away.

His compassion on the battlefield and in his office was the same, helping humanity to the best of his God-given ability, asking nothing of anyone and seeking no honor.

If the newspaper and the community want a story, let them go and interview Dr. Jewett as to where the saga began on a battlefield in a far away country called Vietnam. Write about his injuries and what he endured! This would be worth reading! Who knows, he might be nominated for the “Man of the Year” awarding serving humanity. Doc deserves the compassion of every person in our community at this time.

Bob Clark

Rural Centerville

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