Letter to the editor:

Why is it the responsibility of the City Council, Chamber of Commerce, Banks and Politicians to take care of all the woes of a community? What are you, Kathy Cooprider, doing for the community?

Jobs don't drop into a community overnight. Competition for jobs is global. Industries look at many factors when relocating or building new. After reading all of the letters to the editor for the last several months the one thing that has been very obvious is the negative attitude of many of the writers.

The groups mentioned above have a large responsibility, but much more can be accomplished if people are willing to furnish constructive criticism. How about making positive suggestions to those you are tearing apart, things that might help them solve the problems. Not something that will benefit you but something that will benefit the community as a whole.

The city council has a huge responsibility; try running for the council and stepping into the shoes of those you put down. Many hours of time is volunteered by these people to try and improve conditions in the city. Not everything they do can be approved by everyone and I have disagreed with some of the decisions that have been made. Once the decision has been made right or wrong that decision has to be lived with. (The current council is dealing with problems that have been increasing for years.)

Your local paper is on line and many people read it that don't live here. What kind of an impression do you think they get of our community from all of this negativity?

Nobody will admit that they like to pay taxes. However they are a fact of life in Iowa. The location of the transfer center for Appanoose County is an example. Taxpayers of the county and cities are going to pay for it one way or the other. Do you want to pay an outsider to come in and buy land someplace to construct this facility (and this can be anyplace in the county that is not zoned and in some places that are zoned)? If that happens there will be no local control and the price will be set and the taxpayers will pay. Or would it be better to help find a place where it can be located centrally in the county and have a say in how your dollars are spent. This is a Code of Iowa requirement and has to be accomplished some way.

Most of the expenses governing bodies deal with are mandatory, discretionary spending is limited. It is not possible going into one of these positions to do everything right. There are too many laws involved and it takes years to learn all.

Give these people a break. Find something good to say about what they are doing and try and improve the outside image of your community.

Marcella Thompson


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