To the editor:

I think Deborah D. Thornton skewed the facts a little in her favor. I live in Ankeny on the north side of Des Moines. It only takes me one hour and 30 minutes to get to Green Acres in Melrose, which is maybe 10 minutes more to the Destination Park. What's her definition of a major city? Kansas City is three hours away.

I've been to and stayed at Mahoney State Park and it's an excellent place. If Honey Creek turns out similar to it, I'm sure it will draw people in.

She also didn't address the economic impact to the small towns that the tourism would bring in. Since it's not on I-80, to me (it’s) a plus. The Poconos and other hot spots aren't on a major interstate either.

I wonder if she's even been to these places or is just an arm chair critic.

John Myers


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