Dear Editor,

Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative needs your help communicating with your elected officials. The EPA recently published rules that could end up costing members a lot of money on their power bills. These rules will place new and costly restrictions on our existing fleet of coal-fired power plants.

These regulations will not be finalized for a year, so we need to take that time to explain the financial impact on members of these new rules to the EPA. We need your help. Go to the Cooperative Action Network website at and send an email to the EPA. It will only take a minute of your time. The message box will pre-fill and all you need to fill in is your name, email address or phone number-then click the drop down box and first select “Iowa,” then “Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative.”

Members across the country will be joining you in this activation, and we’re asking you to take the time to make your voices heard. If you’re not communicating with policymakers on the cost and reliability of your power, I guarantee someone else is — and they won’t necessarily share your concerns or have your best interests in mind.

Lori McAllister

Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative


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