Dear Editor,

My husband and I just returned from a cruise to the Caribbean on the Carnival Freedom. When we went to the entertainment the very first night I saw on the program that the leading man was "Troy Terrones."

I told my husband that he just might be from Centerville as I remembered that I had read in the Iowegian once that he had won a Bill Riley talent show. Of course the chance that it would be a young man from Centerville seemed like a long shot but I went down toward the stage before the show started and asked a man with the cruise ship if the leading man was from Iowa and he told me he didn't know as he had just arrived on the ship and he hadn't met him yet. I asked if he would check and if he was from Iowa we would like to meet him after the show.  Sure enough he was from Iowa and would meet us.  

You can imagine his surprise when I told him I was from Centerville and did know his father.  

This was his first show as a leading man and he had to learn all the music and dancing in just two days. This was indeed an excellent show and would have been difficult for anyone to learn so fast.

Actually there were four different shows during this trip that were all different and large productions.

Troy did an amazing job and he and his group received standing ovations.  They were very professional and once again Centerville can be proud of another outstanding Centerville High School graduate.

I do want to say one of his comments was that his Mom would be jealous that we got to see his first big show instead of her. 

Elahvonne & Harold Wright


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