Dear Editor,

"It's not the load you carry that breaks you down. It's the way you carry it," Lena Horne was quoted in her honor at the Oscar's on Feb. 27. 

Well, we have a load of wonderful houses in our town that are vacant and need attention ASAP.

What a great opportunity.  We live in an economic low all over this world. I get calls every day for people who  want a house.  We baby boomers are retiring. All my kids, like everyone else, would like to live in our town, if they could have the jobs.  Retired people would like to live in small, safe towns where you can walk anywhere,  inexpensive housing, close medical help available,  shopping, cheap good meals at 18-80 Club with Wii, etc. 

But we need to all help to carry the load.  We need to buy a house and make this world a better place, help somebody or a family.  We need to use our IQ and a couple of other things and transform these frogs to princes  We can help carry the load and have a good time doing it.     


Rita Matkovich


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