Dear Editor,

According to Bob Thomas democracy means holding elections and manipulating the vote until you get the results you desire.

That has to be what he means, because that is exactly what he and his have done with this PPEL tax and the related elections that have once again imposed it upon us.

Twice now the PPEL tax has been voted down by this communities eligible voters only to be quickly brought back up for a vote where its supporters then manipulated the outcome to their favor.

Then Bob and his cronies tell us this is democracy in action ?

I wonder how many more elections we would have to vote in were equal "democracy" used against this bunch to their loss ?

Odd isn't it how Bob and his ilk never answers the question why the first elections where they lost some how don't mean a thing.

There sure is no 10 year period before that next election for this unwanted tax is held if they lose.

It's amazing what addiction to other peoples money can do to a person, like confusing democracy with fascism as Bob and his cronies have done.

I wonder if Bob and company pay much attention to current and recent headlines?

If they did they would see that other corrupt elitists are having a bit of a problem with the local folk who have finally had enough of their one way elections, in response they have taken to burning down the shrines those elitist have built to themselves.

That to is called democracy in action.


Jordan Gardner


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