Christmas season is over, decorations put away, new toys and electronics have already used up their batteries, school and work are back to normal … do you wonder, “Why do we do all of this?” All the lights, décor, shopping — with credit cards to pay off before next December, is it worth it? Sure, it was kind‘a fun, sort of brightened up life a little for the month, gave us an excuse to surprise and be surprised by gifts, go to concerts, have parties, and eat too many treats. It is a lot of work! And yes, it can cost a lot.

I ask again, “Why do we do all of this?” I’ll let you, the reader, answer that.

The costs of money, work and time we experience ‘in our day’ sparked thoughts of another, more serious cost that brought Christmas to us 2000 years ago. We pastors at Fairview presented a sermon series for Advent, “The Cost of Christmas … ” We thought about the cost to the angels in Heaven-Rev. 12, the Shepherds, Mary & Joseph, Wise men, and the children Herod had murdered trying to rid himself of the competition of a “king of the Jews.” There are others, too, not to mention God, the Father, and Son, Jesus, who paid the greatest price.

It was heartening and enriching to become better acquainted with these persons in history. Their hardship, their depth of belief and dedication to the Lord is inspiring. But there are more, many more who have paid a great price since that time that has allowed US to be able to celebrate Christmas.

The cost through the ages of the enemy trying to destroy the movement and its followers, is continuing even in today’s ‘enlightened’ world. Yet, it has not and cannot be wiped out.

How we need to appreciate and thank God for those who have been so faithful through to ages to keep His story alive! His story also becomes our story when we recognize it as truth. When we receive this “One born in Bethlehem,” who grew into His mission and purpose, (that of teaching and dying on a cross so that we can live forever), it is our story. “I, the Son of Man, have come to seek and save those who are lost.” Luke 19:10.

Lord, help us to realize the cost paid by so many, especially your Son, Jesus, so that we can “celebrate life” with You, forever.

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