Centerville City Council

The Centerville City Council will hold a regular meeting Monday, July 1 at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.

Items on the agenda include approval of June 17 regular meeting minutes, approval of June 22 special meeting minutes, approval of June 24 special meeting minutes, approval of liquor/beer permit renewal for BC0029755 Casey’s General Store No. 3040, LE0001713 Fareway Store Inc. No. 827 and LE0001472 J&K Market Centerville LLC, approval of bills, department reports for public safety, police, fire, code compliance and animal control, mayor’s presentation of Citizen of the Month, Orrick Roberts — closure of alley and discuss situation at 601 N. First St., Res. No. 2013-3210 approving as application for tax exemption under the Urban Revitalization Plan (Hill/Cossolotto), Nancy Huisman — update on the Safe Routes to School Project, Res. No. 2013-3211 approving the monthly transfer of funds from sewer revenue to sewer bond sinking, Res. No. 2013-3212 setting a time and date for the meeting to authorize a lease purchase agreement for the acquisition of two police vehicles, consider further discussion with Ahlers & Cooney PC in regards to financing options for the State Street Project, reports, other business, audience questions and comments.

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