Iowa Trust and Savings Bank partnered with local schools to celebrate Teach Children To Save Day with savings education on April 10 and 11. More than 185 local youths explored lessons designed to educate students on the value of saving money.

Established by the American Bankers Association in 1997, Teach Children to Save has reached more than six million young people through the commitment of 134,200 banker volunteers. Teach Children to Save lessons are designed to meet educational standards in personal finance and reinforce concepts being taught in math, language arts and other disciplines.

“Being financially literate is one of the most important skills a young person can develop,” said Renate Deininger, Executive Vice President of Iowa Trust and Savings Bank. “Through this program we can motivate students and instill positive habits at a young age, creating a community of lifelong savers.”

The American Bankers Association provides financial education programs and resources that help bankers make their communities better. The association’s signature programs, Teach Children to Save and Get Smart About Credit, bring bankers and students together to increase financial literacy.

On April 10, Kathy Kerr and Julie Seals, employees of Iowa Trust and Savings Bank in Moravia presented a program to the sixth grade classes at Moravia Schools. The Moravia Preschool had the opportunity to tour the Moravia Branch office on April 11. Heidi Keller and Leah Howard from Iowa Trust and Savings Bank’s Centerville office, presented programs to the fifth grade classes at Lakeview Elementary on April 11. Programs were designed to help young people develop skills for financial success and about savings and money and how interest can make money grow. Students had the opportunity to apply concepts and practices through hands-on lesson activities.

“Bankers are a natural fit for visiting classrooms to teach students how their money can grow,” said Deininger. “Students who become smart savers today can become smart investors and money managers tomorrow.”

Classroom materials that were used on National Teach Children to Save Day support curriculum standards established by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Council of Teachers of English and the Family and Consumer Sciences.

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