Appanoose County Sheriff Gary Anderson was recently appointed as second vice president to Iowa State Association of Counties Excutive Commitee ISAC. Executive committee members are chosen by the ISAC Board of Directors and serve a one-year term.

The Iowa State Association of Counties is a private, nonprofit corporation whose members are county officials from the 99 counties in Iowa. ISAC’s mission is to promote effective and responsible county government for the people of Iowa.

Bloodstain course

Anderson also recently completed a 40-hour Bloodstain Pattern Analyst course.

Twenty other students from the Philippines, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Virginia and Iowa attended the course hosted by the Des Moines Police Department from Feb. 5 Feb. 9 with a technical final examination.

Violent crimes can result in bloodshed. When liquid blood is acted upon by physical forces, bloodstains and bloodstain patterns may be deposited on various surfaces, including clothing of the individuals present at the crime scene.

These bloodstain pattern analysis can yield valuable information concerning the events, which lead to their creation when examined by a qualified analyst. The information gained can then be used for the reconstruction of the incident and the evaluation of the statements of the witnesses and the crime participants.

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis may on many occasions, clearly define the location of the victim or the assailant(s) by establishing the actions of either or both.

Possible and impossible scenarios may be established to determine if the victim/witness/assailant is accurately describing what took place.

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