At Tuesday’s Centerville School Board meeting, a discussion was held about a resolution to repeal the county-wide School Infra­structure Local Option Tax (SILO) and replace it with the State-wide Penny Tax for School Infrastructure that will be considered by the Iowa Legislature.

Superintendent Rich Turner said the board had been asked by the Iowa School Board Association to support its stand on replacing the current infrastructure local option tax with a state-wide penny tax for school infrastructure.

“Under the state-wide tax the money would all go to the state and then be divided between school districts. Our district would get a lot more money per student than we receive now, because we would get the state average.” (This penny tax is for the schools, and is not affiliated with the city’s local option sales tax.) The board voted to approve the change to a state-wide tax.

The board agreed to have Turner negotiate with the City of Centerville for a separate 28E Agreement concerning payments in lieu of taxes owed to the school district. In a letter in September 2006, regarding a proposed 28E Agreement, the City specified a $50,000 cash settlement along with work-in-kind labor, equipment and some materials to pay the debt owed to the district.

Turner attended the Dec. 17, 2007 city council meeting where the council approved a Resolution of Intent to pay the district.

“We have been discussing this issue for five years,” said Turner.

“Now the city wants all five entities who are supporting the soccer field project to sign the 28E Agreement. I think we should have a separate agreement between the city and the school board regarding the payment plan,” he said.

“At this point, we need to see from the city’s attorney what the first draft of a 28E Agreement will look like.”

A review of the updated PPEL plan was presented to the board. The revisions in the plan includes what the administrative team sees as the most important needs of the district. Some roofs on school buildings need coating and Dr. Marvin Judkins is researching warranties from the companies who installed roofs, some of which he said had 20-year warranties and are not that old yet. He said work on the roofs will be scheduled for the summer of the 2009-2020 school year.

Turner said the wrestling and vocal rooms at Lake­view are planned for the summer of 2009.

“With the PE curriculum expanding, we can’t meet students’ needs without completing this project, “ he said. “We are using PPEL for as many expenses as possible instead of the general fund.”

The board also had a presentation from Maintenance Director Ed Shirley, who is in his seventh year with the schools. He reported there are 14 custodians and two maintenance men on his staff, who take care of 340,000 square feet of space in 13 buildings.

When the board complimented Shirley on the work that gets done, he said, “If we didn’t have employees doing such a good job, it wouldn’t be getting done.”

The board also approved the first reading of corrections to the board policy handbook, approved a list of students for early graduation at Centerville High School and approved a mid-year graduation list of students at Appanoose County High School.

Turner announced that the county has requested the school buses run on hard surfaces only because of the condition of the roads. This will be until further notice.

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