The weatherman warns that temperatures are going to fall below freezing. Your tender plants have just popped up out of the ground and you know they are vulnerable. What can you do to save them?

Alex Lind of the Centerville Greenhouses has this advice:

“If you have new plants still in their containers, don’t plant them until later. Take them inside at night.

“You can put burlap or a light blanket over planted annuals and softer perennials to protect them.

“Plants already in the ground are pretty hardy, even the annuals. Most of the time you can just take the hose and rinse them all off the next morning, to get the frost off, and it will keep the leaves from turning dark.

“Last year it got down to 28 and this year they’re saying 22. At 28, even pansies and violas can make it. But the lower the temperature, the worse it’s going to be.”

(This gardening feature will be appearing regularly on the Farm page.)

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