EXLINE — The Exline City Council amended a section of their dog ordinance at their Tuesday, April 1 council meeting.

The council eliminated one part of the ordinance and changed another part to read seven days an animal can be impounded instead of five days.

The change means once a prohibited animal is seized it will be impounded for seven days rather than five and if the owner does not appeal or petition the Appanoose County District Court seeking the return of the animal after seven days the city of Exline has the authority to sell or dispose of the animal.

The council waived the second and third readings of the amended ordinance.

The ordinance in question deals with the prohibition of pit bulls, rotweillers, dogos or any vicious, dangerous animals being owned or kept within the city limits of Exline.

When the Exline City Council meets again on Tuesday, May 6, George Johnson will be there to talk about the cleanup of houses.

Exline residents get ready for the city-wide cleanup planned for May 9-10.

Members of the Exline City Council are Jim Burns, Terry Hand, Gary Hull, Mary Ann Hurley and Annette L. Sinclair. The Exline mayor is Jim Casteel.

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