An Oskaloosa man while in Centerville allegedly involved in an arson and methamphetamine case is now facing an involuntary manslaughter charge in Missouri.

David Lee Mullin Jr., 32, now with a Kirksville, Mo. address, was scheduled to be sentenced in Appanoose County Nov. 5 for a meth and arson criminal case that originated in Centerville in December of 2012.

The alleged meth and arson criminal case includes Alisha Rose White, who has a plea proceeding in the case scheduled for today in Appanoose County.

The meth and arson case against White and Mullin Jr. started on Dec. 18, 2012 at approximately 10:11 p.m. when White called 911 to report smoke in her residence at 1212 E. Cross St. Mullin Jr. was residing at the residence at the time.

The Centerville Fire Department responded to the fire and while they were there they observed drug paraphernalia. A search warrant was obtained and law enforcement officials discovered items known to be used to make methamphetamine.

Appanoose County Attorney Richard Scott April 30 filed against Mullin Jr. class B felony charges of arson, first degree and manufacture, deliver or possess with intent to manufacture or deliver more than five grams of methamphetamine.

Scott filed amended charges July 2 against Mullin Jr. to include possession of pseudoephedrine as a precursor, a class D felony.

On July 2, Mullin Jr. entered a voluntary guilty plea to manufacturing meth, a lesser-included offense and possession of pseudoephedrine.

Mullin Jr. was ordered to enroll and complete treatment at the Iowa Residential Treatment Center in Mt. Pleasant pending sentencing. He was transported to Mt. Pleasant on July 12.

On Aug. 13 a request for a continuance was filed by Probation/Parole Officer II Clinton Nichols because Mullin Jr. “absconded from this treatment center and was arrested in Missouri” and is facing additional charges in that state.

According to Missouri Case.Net, Mullin Jr. was arrested Aug. 8 in Missouri with a $35,000 bond on the charges of first degree involuntary manslaughter and first degree tampering with a motor vehicle, both class C felonies.

On Nov. 5 a bench warrant was issued In Appanoose County for the arrest of Mullin Jr. with a $50,000 cash bond.

Mullin Jr. had a preliminary hearing for the charges of involuntary manslaughter and tampering with a motor vehicle scheduled for Nov. 20 in the Schuyler County courthouse.

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