Dan Howington told the Centerville City Council Monday that he had been going slow on ticketing and removing junk vehicles in town because Iowa Code says the removal is to be billed to road use funds - and he knew the city street department was short on funds.

But Howington says there is a different route the city can take on junk vehicles and he plans to follow it. From now on, local tow truck businesses will pick up the vehicles and the owners will have to pay the tow fee directly to the towers to regain possession.

Police will first ticket the autos and owners will have 10 days to repair or remove the vehicle. Once the autos are towed to the impoundment area, the owners will have another 21 days to pay the tow bill for repossession. After that time, the city can dispose of the vehicles.

Council member Kris Koestner said city residents with junk vehicles should get a jump on the city by selling the autos to salvage dealers, which will pick up the vehicles and pay the owners $100 to $150 per auto.

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