Toward the end of Monday's special Centerville City Council meeting, Councilman Rob Lind mentioned a concern he had with the recent appointment of Councilman Wallace "Moe" Carter to the waterworks board of trustees.

Lind said he was told by a Iowa League of Cities' representative that putting a council person on a water board was "incompatible." Lind said the league based its opinion on two different attorney general rulings.

"What I would like is for Moe, maybe, to take his name out of the running and we need in turn look for a fifth candidate for that (board)," Lind said.

Councilman Bill McAfee said the league at one time condoned having the same person serve on a city council and on a board or commission.

"So we're getting conflicting information out of the same office," McAfee said.

Lind said he had resigned from the water board before he took the city council position.

"I've heard grumblings out there that this is not right," Lind said.

Mayor Marsha Mitchell recommended someone get in writing a clarification from the league on the issue. McAfee offered to pursue the matter.

The council filled several vacancies at its last regular meeting June 21. Carter and Carl Cisler to the water board and McAfee to the Centerville Municipal Airport Commission.

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