Tonight the Centerville City Council at its 5:30 p.m. regular meeting at City Hall is being asked to accept two resignations.

City Councilman Wallace "Moe" Carter, whom the council appointed June 21 by a 5-0 vote to fill one of two vacancies on the waterworks board of trustees, is submitting his resignation from that board.

"With consideration to the controversy circulating about a council member serving on the water board I tender my resignation effective July 19, 2010, with the stipulation that I be replaced on the water board by William "Bill" Milani," states the first paragraph of the letter Carter addresses to the mayor and city council members.

The other waterworks board of trustees vacancy was filled by Carl Cisler.

The two waterworks board of trustees vacancies occurred when Jack Williams and Linda Miller resigned in early June.

The second resignation is Centerville Municipal Airport Manager Kathy Bratz, who tendered her resignation to the council during its regular meeting on July 6.

Bratz in her resignation letter expresses "great sorrow" and states "the reasons leading to this decision are known by you, and I will therefore leave them unsaid at this time."

Bratz's last day will be July 30.

According to Centerville Mayor Marsha Mitchell, the city has started the process to replace Bratz.

In other action tonight, the council will hear from the Airport Commission and Morris Bear concerning issues at the airport.

Also, the First Lutheran Church is asking for council permission to block off the street between the church and the Alliant Building to hold a church dedication on Sept. 11 from 3-10:30 p.m.

The council's agenda includes a request from the homeowners of Golfview for the city to consider dropping the $40 per household sewer fee they pay, which they claim creates an undue burden and is discriminatory. By dropping the sewer fee, Golfview homeowners can better afford to maintain their own sewer system.

The same request from Golfview homeowners presents two other options for the council to consider: Combine the city's and Golfview's sewer improvement projects and continue to collect the $40 or work with Golfview so both entities can make mandated improvements without creating undue hardships for each other.

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