A Code of Ethics is being pondered by the Centerville City Council. The City Council Monday decided to move ahead with developing an ethics ordinance after examining a tentative code Mayor Marsha Mitchell said was based on a number of such codes used by other municipalities.

The one looked at Monday would cover council members and those on city boards or commissions.

Included in the document were stipulations that council members comply with all federal, state and city laws; members shall refrain from abusive conduct and verbal attacks; avoid conflict of interests; respect confidentiality of information; and not accept gifts or favors that might compromise their independence of judgement or give the appearance of being compromised.

Under such an ordinance, the City Council could impose sanctions on noncomplying members, such as formal censure or loss of seniority or committee assignments - as well as the City Council being able to remove members of city boards and commissions from office.

The City Council gave the nod for Councilperson Kris Koestner to begin fundraising for construction materials for a new park shelter, as well as permitting students of Indian Hills Community College’s Building Trades class to put it up.

Koestner said he had wanted to refurbish the current Hickory Shelter House, but the wood was too rotted.

The City Council approved increasing the charge for processing sewage from such sources as commercial businesses that collect septic tank material. It will now be a minimum fee of $200 for up to the first 1,000 gallons and $200 for each 1,000 gallons thereafter.

The City Council approved the settlements of $300 from Hy-Vee and Fareway for selling cigarettes to minors. The state sent an undercover minor to Centerville businesses in December.

City department heads were requested to begin creating 5-year plans with goals.

A new ordinance dealing with the Drake public Library Board was approved. Employee salary recommendations are to be made by the librarian, board president, city clerk and/or mayor. The library board can then approve the recommendation of reduce pay, but it can not increase it.

The City Council, for now, decided to keep the policy of having Beggar’s Night on Halloween. The Appanoose County Ministerial Alliance had requested that whenever Halloween was on Wednesday church night or on a Sunday, that Beggars Night be moved to Oct. 30.

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