Chariton Valley Planning & Development Council of Governments completes and closes out owner-occupied housing rehabilitation grants with the cities of Chariton and Russell. Both communities completed this program with assistance of an IEDA grant that allowed for the rehabilitation of 12 owner occupied homes.

The structures were inspected and needs were identified that would ensure the selected low to moderate income families and individuals will live in quality housing that meets Iowa’s Minimum Housing Safety Standards.  

“This has been an exciting process that has offered the homeowners energy efficient windows, new insulation, new roofing, vinyl siding and numerous other improvements to their residence,” states Nichole Moore, executive director of Chariton Valley Planning & Development.  The program strives to improve the efficiency of the structure, to help residents lower their energy bills and create more affordable and safer way of living.”

“The cities and residents are also very pleased with the wonderful aesthetic value that has been added to many of the homes.”

As one of homeowner was quoted as saying, “This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened in my life!”  She received an outstanding transformation when her small home had a roof replaced, siding installed and some interior work completed.

Chariton Valley Planning & Development Council of Governments Housing division is committed to providing safe and stable homes for residents of Appanoose, Lucas, Monroe and Wayne counties. CVPD works with communities to apply for and administer Community Development Block Grants offered by the Iowa Economic Development Authority for the State of Iowa. The CDBG funds are partnered with local funds to promote general economic prosperity with local contractors and improved welfare to local residents.  If you have an interest to participate in this program, residents need to contact their local city councils to express their needs. Communities should then contact Chariton Valley Planning & Development Council of Governments to learn more about the application process.  

If you have further questions regarding the program contact the office of Chariton Valley Planning & Development, at 308 North 12th St., Centerville, Iowa, or visit our website at

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