Centerville gym expands, adds new equipment

Owner of Iron Dreams fitness Jamie Lewellen stands next to a machine he designed and fabricated. The machine is a reverse hyperextension machine and according to Lewellen is the best machine to use to help strengthen or rehabilitate the lower back.

Photo by Krystal Fowler/Daily Iowegian
Daily Iowegian

Iron Dreams fitness recently expanded and improved their gym.

They have added four new pieces of equipment during March and also added more square footage. The gym now has more than 60 lifting and cardio stations.

Since their opening in December of 2004 Iron Dreams has incorporated 30 different pieces of equipment than they started with.

Progress is what Iron Dreams fitness owner Jamie Lewellen's motto is. From the time he opened the fitness center in 2004 he has always looked for ways to keep improving the gym. There are numerous pieces of equipment that have been brought into the gym to try out, but have been moved on because they weren't to the benefit of members to make the most progress possible.

The brand name or fancy paint job of the equipment isn't important. What is important is if the equipment actually works the areas you're targeting. Lewellen has bought brand new equipment before and then discovered that a used piece of equipment functioned a lot better, so returned to using the older piece.

Lewellen has qualified for the Natural Mr. USA Bodybuilding contest twice, won the Mr. Iowa Mixed Pairs Bodybuilding contest with his wife, Shawna, received a bronze medal at the Iowa Strongman contest and won several first place finishes in bench press contests.

Lewellen has always trained himself to learn what does and doesn't work. The knowledge has propelled him to compete with the top athletes in Iowa and the midwest in bodybuilding.

Lewellen has been a personal trainer and nutritionist for the past 19 years and has trained more than 4,000 people with the three fitness centers he has started as well as online training.

He has trained both men and women athletes to be champions in bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman, wrestling, track and several standout athletes from baseball, softball, soccer, basketball and weight loss challenges.

Iron Dreams fitness has always offered free program and nutritional setup to all members. Other centers charge extra fees for this service but Iron Dreams teaches the basics of exercise and nutrition for free. Iron Dreams fitness has the most variety of equipment, the most experienced personal trainer and nutritionist.

Although the gym keeps progressing and improving, the sky's the limit to how many people it can help with their health and fitness goals. Lewellwn says he meets people everyday that ask him questions about exercise and nutrition. He says he teaches them to not try a new fad diet or training program, the basics work for everybody all the time.

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