Bench trial on minutes for man accused  of second degree murder

Jackie Paul Glascock Sr. in a wheelchair Tuesday afternoon as he is taken out of the Appanoose County Courthouse to a nearby ambulance.

Photo by Michael Schaffer/Daily Iowegian
Daily Iowegian

Judge Daniel P. Wilson Tuesday afternoon in the Appanoose County Courthouse courtroom presided over a bench trial on the minutes for Jackie Paul Glascock Sr., 68, formerly of Cincinnati.

Glascock Sr. stands accused of allegedly murdering his wife, Doretta Glascock, and then attempting suicide on July 12, 2009 at her residence in Cincinnati.

The bench trial on minutes allowed a state attorney to present evidence, like witnesses' sworn testimony, ballistic test results, photos taken at the crime scene and court file information to prove the defendant's guilt.

Glascock Sr. sat in a wheelchair and could only raise one hand and grunt when asked by the judge or his attorneys if he understood what was transpiring. The face of Glascock Sr. has a huge loss of lower chin and the loss of one eye from his alleged suicide attempt.

Glascock Sr. grunted when asked by Judge Wilson if he understood the wavier of jury trial he agreed to and signed on March 22. Judge Wilson said a bench trial on the minutes requested by the defendant was voluntary and something he didn't have to go through with and would prevent any chance of a future trial.

Before the sentencing date, Judge Wilson will issue a written decision and verdict and present that at sentencing, which is scheduled for Tuesday, June 26.

Judge Wilson told Glascock Sr. in all probability he would find him guilty of second degree murder.

Judge Wilson Tuesday afternoon accepted and signed Appanoose County Attorney Richard Scott's amended trial information charging Glascock Sr. with second degree murder. Glascock Sr. was originally charged with first degree murder.

Judge Wilson said the state has to prove three things in order for him to arrive at a guilty verdict: Glascock Sr. shot Doretta Glascock, she died as a result of being shot by him and he did it with malice and forethought. Judge Wilson said eyewitnesses and law enforcement personnel placed the defendant at the scene, Doretta was dead and a shotgun was found nearby. Other witness testimony spoke about the marital issues between Doretta and Jackie, which caused Judge Wilson to believe there was malice and forethought.

A no-contact order was issued against Jackie to protect Doretta.

One of the first things Judge Wilson did Tuesday was to uphold the ruling Glascock Sr. was competent to stand trial and assist in his own defense.

Following the bench trial on minutes, Glascock Sr. was transported back to the Iowa Medical Classification Center in Oakdale.

Because of the poor health of Glascock Sr., it was decided to allow the defendant to remain at Oakdale during sentencing with his participation through the Iowa Communication Network.

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