Jack Starr said he was a bit freaked out when he first saw the buck while hunting south of Exline during muzzleloader season.

His attention was first attracted to the movement of an unidentifiable object appearing from the opposite side of a hill. As it climbed fully into view, Starr was startled to see that it was a deer - but with a weird fibrous mass where its antlers should have been. It also covered one eye.

Starr says its sight must have been affected because the deer kept walking toward him, even though he stood in the open and was wearing bright orange hunting garb.

It was only after he shot the spooky apparition that he could see what the growth was - some red string and a lot of a white hair-like fiber filled with hundreds of cockaburrs.

The first thing he thought, Starr said, was the deer was having a real bad hair day.

Starr says he is having the buck mounted, burrs and all.

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