Alliant Energy knows its customers are bracing for big bills because of the heat and humidity in June and July. That’s why Alliant Energy is reminding customers about ways to manage the upcoming and future summer bills.

According to the National Weather Service, this July, average temperatures are about 7 degrees above normal, which means air conditioners have been running a lot. The average central-air conditioner uses 2500 watts each hour. For the average Alliant Energy residential customer, the cost is around 32 cents per hour to run your air conditioner. With the hotter weather, these units run more.

“We know electric bills will be higher because our air conditioners are running more often in the heat,” said Tim Heinrich, director – Customer Support Services for Alliant Energy. “If you think your energy usage may cause you to have trouble paying your bill, please contact us right away so we can make payment arrangements.”

Customers can also request a payment extension at or by calling 1-800-ALLIANT (1-800-255-4268) to set up a payment arrangement or extension. Some other tips include paying off your bill in increments up to the due date, and signing up for Budget Billing, which sets the same bill amount each month by spreading cooling costs over 12 months. Additional information is available at

With warmer than normal temperatures predicted for the rest of the summer, Alliant Energy recommends simple changes to reduce cooling costs, and keep you comfortable.

• Close your drapes on south facing windows during the day to keep the sun from adding extra heat to your home through your windows.

• Set your thermostat to 78°F (26°C) when you are at home and need cooling. Set it warmer when you are away. This is easy to do with a programmable thermostat.

• Use ceiling fans. You can set your thermostat about 4°F higher and still be comfortable. The wind chill effect of the fan will help you feel cooler.

• Grill outside or use your microwave instead of your oven. Dry your clothes outside instead of using the dryer.

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 Alliant Energy places a priority on delivering the energy and exceptional service that its customers count on — safely, efficiently and responsibly.

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