The Apostle John, the author of the Gospel of John and the Revelation of Jesus Christ to John also, wrote the letters to John and I believe they are relevent to the end times. We do not know the day or hour of our Lord’s return, but we are about 1980 years closer than when Jesus taught among us. One of the criticisms that Christians often have leveled at them is that we are unloving and judgemental. Whether we believe that or not, we can begin to look at our walks in Christ. We have to learn how to better share the unconditional love of Christ, God’s way. Walking in the Light of Christ.

However, to do that we must walk in the light of Christ. We must seek to remove the darkness of sin in our lives. In 1 John 2:15-17, it tells us to not love the world or the things of the world. We are to resist the lusts of the flesh, those sensual desires, and to resist the lusts of our eyes, those things we covet, the materialism of the world. John also says we need to resist the pride of life and the quest for the position and status. We must turn away from the shallow love that the world teaches. Love is not an if it feels good do it, you have to be happy all the time kind of feeling as the world teaches. God’s love is primarily other person oriented and is giving in its expression.

But the key to sharing God’s love is to walk in the light of God, because God is light (1 John 2:3-17). If you walk in the light, you must obey His commandments, abide in Him and love your brothers and sisters in Christ. That doesn’t mean you have to like them. People often confuse love and like. The same should be true with those who have not come to Christ. We might not like what they are doing or what they may represent, but we are to love them in Christ. That doesn’t mean we condone what they’re doing or enable them because sometimes love says no. That is what it means when we say we are to love the sinner and hate the sin. We’re all sinners and we all must come before the throne of grace. As Christians we have been forgiven.

Christ went to the houses of sinners. He went to minister to those where they were. He accepted people as they were. He went to Zacchaeus’s house. But like the woman caught in adultery, he refuses to leave them there. He told her, “Go and sin no more!” We as Christians are to reach out to minister to people trapped in addictions. We all have or had an addiction we struggle with. That addiction might be pornography, alcohol, drugs, sexual sins, gambling or gluttony to name just a few.

In 1 John 2:12-14, John lists what we need to assist in resisting and breaking free from those addictions. John describes readers as little children, fathers and young men, but he isn’t talking about physical age groups or spiritual maturity. Each group is a reference to each reader. He says we know as little children that our sins are forgiven. Also, we know as fathers that relationship and knowledge come from obedience. Our young men know their strength comes from reading and knowing the Word of God so we might be ready to repel Satan’s attacks. Jesus used the Word of God to refute Satan’s temptations. Do we know the Word of God well enough to refute Satan’s attacks?

Walking in the light of Christ! Sharing the unconditional love of Christ God’s way. We are to resist the temptations of this world. We know Him if we keep His commands and abide in Him and if we love our brothers and sisters in Christ. Seek His forgiveness and know our sins are forgiven. Then building relationship and knowledge from our obedience, even when we do not like or understand why now, for we will know why when perfectin comes. Then gain strength to repel the world’s attacks by reading and by knowing the Word of God. So that we might resist temptations of our former addictions and help our brothers and sisters break from the bondage of their addictions.

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