Ten Storytimers met in the children’s room of the Drake Public Library on Oct. 11 and listened as Miss Molly read three new stories:

“Looking for a Moose” by Phyllis Root.

This award-winning author has another winner in this ear-tickling, eye-teasing romp for small children. Each page is filled with sing-song text while you hunt for an elusive moose through the woods, swamp hills and bushes. The hunt is rewarded on the final page when not one but many moose are revealed.

“Take Care, Good Knight” by Shelly Moore Thomas.

This is about the Good Knight and three small dragon friends who are challenged by Old-Old Wizard to care for his many cats for a few days.

He leaves them written care instructions, but there’s only one problem: The little dragons can’t read. They do their best by taking the cats swimming and camping with disastrous results. But Good Knight comes to the rescue, of course!

“The Tree” by Dana Lyons.

The story begins: “There’s a river flowing near me, and I’ve watched that river change and grow.”

An 800-year-old Douglas fir tree ponders the many things it has seen in the world around it until it hears the bulldozers. Then all the children arrive to join hands to circle the tree and save it from destruction.

Storytimers got to take home cedar tree clippings to root and grow.

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