As part of a continuing effort to inform consumers about the facts related to long-term care insurance and its value or lack of value for individual consumers, a series of town hall meetings have been scheduled across Iowa to address the issues. Locally this meeting will be at Indian Hills’ Ottumwa campus on July 28 from 9-11 a.m. at the Rural Health Education Building in room 108.

A specialist in senior health considerations from the Iowa Insurance Division and a long-term care coverage specialist from the Senior Health Insurance Information program are teaming up to present honest and unbiased information and advice during eighteen town hall meetings. Their goal is to provide a brief overview of long-term care insurance products and to make sure people understand the avenues they have within IID and SHIIP for answers to questions and/or resolutions of complaints. They will also present updates to the attendees about recent legislative changes, and what those changes may mean for consumers.

The presenters will encourage questions and comments from attendees at these meetings. Information gathered from the public will help shape recommendations these agencies may make for future changes to laws and regulations about the sale and servicing of this product.

No presentations by sellers of long-term care insurance policies will be permitted, nor will the distribution of promotional or advertising materials by those agents. IID and SHIIP neither promote long-term care insurance purchases nor do they endorse the sale of such insurance products to all potential prospects. These meetings are first and last an opportunity for people to gather facts and acquire tools to help determine whether they are among the segment of Iowa consumers who may benefit from using long-term care insurance as a part of financial planning and risk management in their later years.

“We’re pleased to be able to make sure that Iowans are able to receive solid facts about long-term care planning in their own communities,” said Iowa Insurance Commissioner Susan Voss. “This was one of the recommendations I made to Gov. Culver following the study of long-term care insurance issues that he asked me to conduct in 2007. Iowa has led the country with vital improvements that have come as result of that study. The people of Iowa deserve to know and understand the facts affecting their futures that are available at these meetings.”

The Iowa Insurance Division has general control, supervision and direction over all insurance and securities business transacted in the state, and enforces Iowa’s laws and regulations. The IID investigates consumer complaints and prosecutes companies, agents and brokers engaging in unfair trade practices. Consumers with insurance or securities-related questions or complaints may contact the IID toll free at (877) 955-1212 or visit the division on the Web at www.iid.state.

For information on any elder or caregiver issue, contact Noelle Bales at Seneca Area Agency on Aging. Our phone numbers are (641) 682-2270 or (800) 642-6522.

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